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IRC Fridays (7-2-2010) Lore Chat: Dragon Origins

By on Jul 2, 2010 at 3:56 pm, in Lore, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

We got a few minutes with missdoomcookie (LM Lockhart) and captaincursor (Nick McDowell), two of the Lore Leads for Rift and we got a few new tidbits. For the full transcript hop over to Telara Central.

I didn’t get any of my quick questions answered since I came late to the party. Looks like my timeline project will have to wait a bit more. However we did get some information about some of the dragon aspects.

Remember Prince Hylas? He’s the elf prince that helped bring on the Shade War with Prince Aedraxis. We learned he was associated with the Cult of Life who worship the dragon Greenscale; who, during the Blood Storm Wars wanted, to turn the whole world into a jungle, This cult was sprouted from House Aelfwar.

In the Blood Storm there are rivalries between these dragons. Maelforge, dragon of fire, hates Greenscale, dragon of life. The dragon cult associated with Maelforge is the Cult of Wanton. So why does Greenscale hate Maelforge? Because Maelforge likes to burn everything, like trees and jungles and stuff. So I think you can imagine why.

New Dragons! The dragon Akylios is of water, master of secrets and magic. His followers are known as the Abyssal; evil priests and mages able to summon force demons and cast horrific rituals.

None of the Blood Storm is as powerful as Regulos. The largest rival is his old mate, Crucia, from the Plane of Air. If you remember, Crucia was the dragon that set the Orcri out to destroy the High Elves. Her power is “one that consumes minds”. Her cult followers are drones that live life as a hive mind, call the Storm Legion.

Crucia has a long standing hatred of Laethys from the Plane of Earth. Laethys, a female dragon, has the power of greed and usually a cult following of those who worship the coin. Merchants and Nobels content on stealing and seeing their people starve for the sake of hoarding everything. This cult is called The Golden Maw.

Lastly, as you might know, is Regulos whose cult following is called the Endless Court. Regulos is the destructor, the dragon of extinction, the devouring snake. He yearns for the quiet of the void. Regulus was responsible for corrupting Aedraxis and bringing on the Shade War. Regulus’ blessing is the blessing of eternal undeath.