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Class Abilities “Revealed” and a Mystery to be Solved

By on Jul 19, 2010 at 3:47 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

Massively released a developer diary for Rift: Planes of Telara soul and class system. No new information, per-say, was gleaned from this video. It detailed what we knew already and all of it was listed on the official website. We however did get some cool new in game footage and some other scenes that excited me.

Beyond all that however, we were finally able to see some of the abilities in the Nightblade tree that we saw at E3. In all the E3 videos we couldn’t make out the next in the tooltips because of the video quality, but now we are able to take a look at a ton of new Nightblade abilities.

Nightblade Abilities

Fire and Death Attunement
Ranks: 3
Reduces damage taked by fire and death based abilities by 5%.

Flame Thrust
Ranks: 1
A finishing move that hurls a flaming weapon at the target, dealing weapon plus Fire damage and burns the target for an additional weapon plus Fire damage over 9 seconds. Energy cost is reduced with more Combo Points.
1 Point, 10 damage, 7 damage over 9 seconds
2 Points, 14 damage, 12 damage over 9 seconds
3 Points, 23 damage, 17 damage over 9 seconds
4 Points, 26 damage, 19 damage over 9 seconds
5 Points, 33 damage, 24 damage over 9 seconds

Glow in the Dark
Ranks: 5
Increase Critical Hit chance of your fire and death abilities by 1%.

Ranks: 5
Increases Fire and Death damage by 1%.

Improved Primal Strike
Ranks: 3
Your Primal Strike has a 10% chance to gain an additional Combo Point on the target.

Twilight Force
Ranks: 1
You imbue your weapon with deathly energy and hurl it at your enemy dealing weapon plus 12 to 14 Death damage. Awards 1 Combo Point.

Improved Twilight Force
Ranks: 2
Your Twilight Force reduces the target’s movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds.

Improved Weapon Flare
Ranks: 3
Your Weapon Flare burns your enemies for an additional 20% (30%?) damage over 6 seconds.

Twilight Stalker
Ranks: 2
Increases your movement speed while stealthing by 10%.

Interesting abilities there, though nothing at all new to the MMOG genre as the Nightblade takes a page out of the Warcraft rogue class.

However, there is one thing that is a mystery to me. If you watch the video, they show the soul tree screen of a Nightblade and then shortly after they show a soul tree of a Elementalist and a Warlock combination. Apparently the Nightblade and the Elementalist are exactly the same class.

Maybe it’s a glitch, but check this out:

You can see that they are showing the same ability “Flame Thrust”.

Very puzzling. What do you think it is?


Sweet from the Official Forums:
Hey all, just wanted to quickly clarify something. The Nightblade and Elementalist are very different classes, I’m not sure what happened with the video but I can assure the two Souls look nothing alike and don’t use the same mechanic system

Finally, we got a quick sneak peak at some Ranger talents and abilities. These were hard to read, correct me if you think I’m wrong.

Ranger Abilities

Ranks: 2
Increases your stealth detection by 4 levels.

Improved Quick Shot
Ranks: 3
Your Quick Shot has a 33% chance to make your target bleed, dealing an additional 33% of your ability’s damage over 6 seconds.

Killing Focus
Ranks: 2
Increases Physical damage with range weapons by 3%.

Ranks: 1
A ranged attack that ricochets among 5 targets dealing 27 to 60 damage, in addition to your ranged weapons damage. Awards 1 Combo Point.

Improved Trick Shot
Rank 1
Each additional target affected by Trick Shot has a 5% chance to add 1 Combo Point.

So during a slow period waiting for GamesCom we get a little bit of information that we can all share and speculate on. The major question though is an Elementalist a Nightblade in sheep’s clothing?