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Planar Currency and Item Rundown

By on Feb 1, 2011 at 9:53 am, in Featured, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

Planar Merchants

What’s that coin?

This Beta Trion introduced the Currencies Tab to the character sheet, and its home to all the new ways Trion has implemented to acquire wealth in the game. There’s a few more than you might think. And they all don’t revolve around money, many of them are used at special vendors spread throughout the game world.

Keep reading to find out all about them.

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Currency Tab

The first section is Coin, which is broken down into three values, Silver, Gold and Platinum. It works on a standard 100 = 1 system, so 100 silver = 1 gold and 100 Gold = 1 Platinum. Nothing overly fancy here, it works pretty much as you would expect. How Trion will deal with the inevitable “value creep” that seems to plague other MMO’s remains to be seen, but for now that’s ok.

Sourcestone is the next category and it contains the recently renamed Planarite. Earned from Rift invasions, it seems to be the standard baseline currency for purchasing items from select Planar Vendors and Rare Planar Vendors. There are some vendors who seem to require ‘higher’ forms of Planarite however it is not yet clear how that is earned. However over this are Sourceshards and Sourcestone. The types vary in Name and Rarity, and are often zone specific. As such Items purchased in Freemarch from a vendor may require Enchanted Sourcestone, while items purchased in Stonefield require Enshrouded Sourcestone.

Next is the PVP section. This is purely reserved for Favor and for more information on it and what it can do; check out our article on it here.

Next is Crafting, which currently contains Artisan’s Marks. These are used for purchasing some Recipes for your specific craft of choice. Artisan’s Marks are gained from doing daily quests, which are mostly (so far) of the ‘craft 5 of these for me and then deliver it to so and so’ variety. Not the most riveting stuff out there, but it’s all low level for now, so whether these will grow more complex as time goes on remains to be seen. It’s also worth noting here that Planar Augment Merchants require Planarite for some of their purchases, which allow augmentations to crafted items.

Finally there is the Artefacts section. It contains Lucky Coins, which are rewards for turning in Collections to the Collections Vendor in your capital. These are used to purchase a nice range of novelty items, such as pets, rare mounts and appearance changing items that, whilst not exactly game-changing, would be amongst the must-have items of all serious artefact hunters.

Planar Merchant Locations

Planar what?

Most purchases in Rift are fairly straightforward, but one area that needs some closer attention is the various Planar Merchants located in every zone. Each zone explored so far contains both a Planar and Rare Planar Vendor with unique equipment. All gear is somewhat zone specific, so the items found in Silverwood and Freemarch are lower in level than Gloamwood and Stonefield and so on. Planar Vendors mostly sell things directly for Planarite, but some things will also have an additional cost in Sourceshards.

Acquiring Planarite itself is relatively simple. Participating in closing any Rifts, halting a Rift Invasion or clearing out an enemy foothold will guarantee you at least some planarite for participating. The more involved you are, the more you get. Sourcestone is a little different. Each type is unique to its zone as already mentioned above. The come in two different rarities, and are appropriately coloured blue and purple in their tooltips.

Blue Sourcestone can either be purchased (for an appropriately princely sum in planarite), or earned by participating in major rift events. Major events are usually zone-wide and are usually quite challenging, and there is no guarantee you will get Sourcestone every time, as there are a large number of possible rewards from participating in a Major Rift Event.

Purple Sourcestone is rarer still, and can only be earned by completing major rift events. Simply participating is not enough here; it needs to be successful as well. One final note on Purple Sourcestone is that is, somewhat confusingly, not always referred to as Sourcestone. In Silverwood, as an example, they are called Orbs of Heroism, but they are easily spotted as the Purple Sourcestone requirement on Rare Planar vendors. As the majority are called Sourcestone, we’ll stick with that name.

Each one sells the following :

Planar Foci, an item that can be equipped and hold planar essences that grant stat boosts. Each one varies in the number and type of essence slots it can hold but is an essential item of equipment for all adventurers.

Puresource, various level based containers that will reveal a random planar reward. These can reveal a huge array of items, similar to the random rewards available from Rifts.

Flares, items that can summon a force of Guardian or Defiant NPC’s to attack a Planar idol that has been over-run by an opposing force. These are essential for anyone wanting to try and liberate an Idol where you would be outnumbered.

Augment Boxes contain crafting items that can be used to grant elemental bonuses to damage or defence on your crafted items. Crafters may find these especially invaluable in creating that item with just a little bit of an edge over someone else’s item.

Stat Sources
contain planar essences that can be equipped in your Planar Focus. They grant statistic boosts dependent on their type.

Teleport Sigils. These items allow a one way teleport to a destination zone. So far the only ones available allow teleporting to Stonefield and Gloamwood. As their counterpart is sold by a different faction it’s important to note that unless you have a Soul Recall set to a safe place you’re in for a long run home.

Rare Planar Vendors sell more equipment based items. Each one has a number of different sets of equipable items and Planar Essences. They are correspondingly more expensive and almost all require sourcestone of some type to purchase. They are again level specific to the zone and general represent some of the top level equipment achievable in each zone, certainly equivalent to gear earned from Dungeons and Crafted Items of a comparable level.

Starting level Planar and Rare Planar merchants are located in King’s Retreat in Freemarch and Granite Falls in Stonefield for the Defiant. For the Guardians they are located in Argent Glade in Silverwood and Gloamwood Pines in Gloamwood.

Fiinally each capital city has a Focus Merchant who sells extremely good Planar Foci. They are, however, correspondingly expensive and will take some time to acquire.

Hopefully this short guide will give you some ideas on what to look for when you’re considering what to buy, what the various currencies mean for you and how you can acquire them and the value that the Planar Merchants and Rare Planar Vendors can provide.

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