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Rift Podcast: Details on End Game Raids and Progression

By on Feb 7, 2011 at 4:21 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

Rift Podcast‘s latest episode has Berenger Fish on to discuss the end game content and we get some new insights on what is coming down the line. What we currently know about the end game is that there will be rifts, raid rifts, expert dungeons and instanced raids. With this podcast we find out what raids will be in at release, what comes after, and all the details about raid size and lockout timers.

It was previously announced that raids came in two sizes, 10 man and 20 man. Today it was announced that the 10 man raids have been taken out and there will only be one raid size: 20. This was a tough decision to make for the dev team. Their reasoning was based on technicalities as far as creating different gear power levels, potentially forcing competitive guilds to do both 10 man and 20 man raids in a single lockout and creating a more streamlined design effort when developing encounters.

There is 10 man content though in the form of Rift Raids, so smaller guilds don’t have to completely be in a mode of despair.

As for how many raids will be in for the game’s release: that answer is one. This raid zone is called Greenscale. This raid instance will contain five boss encounters. Then shortly after release an unannounced raid will be release. The term “shortly after release” was used by Berenger Fish. When the average person is level 50 and geared for raids, both raids should be available for players.

Hammerknell is another raid that is planned and we now know that it will contain “double digit” boss encounters. This raid will be releases soon after the Unknown Raid already mentioned.

As far as progression, both the Unknown Raid and Greenscale will be on the same tier. This means that once you are geared from all Tier 2 Expert Dungeons you should be able to attempt both.

Hammerknell and beyond (yes there is more content in the works!) will contain a second tier of raiding. Berenger Fish talked the work load the development team has on their plate and specifically he mentioned that much of it was already content that is slated for post-release.

Lockout timers were also discussed. Expert 5 Man Dungeons will have a 1 day lockout. “Small Raids” will have a three day lockout and “Large Raids” will have a one week lockout. For now lets assume Greenscale is a “small raid” and Hammerknell is a “large raid” seeing how Hammerknell has at least twice as many boss encounters.

Hard modes were also discussed. There will be no Hard Modes for any of the raids currently but Berenger Fish mentioned that the development team often discusses “if there was a hardmode version, this is what we’d do…”. With that statement, he predicted that there is a 50% chance that Hard Modes will appear later on down the road.