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Fall of Lantern Hook Dungeon Guide

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In Lantern Hook in the Droughtlands, there is a deep, clear well. It is said that this well is enchanted, and that any Ascended who swims to the bottom will be transported to a nightmare world of endless flame. This is so, but only the mighty Ascended are brave enough to chance the deep waters. And when they emerge from the well, they do find themselves in a world consumed by fire. Yet this is no alien land but a dark vision of Lantern Hook itself, the last spot on Telara to fall to the rampaging hordes of Maelforge. By experiencing the Fall of Lantern Hook, the Ascended can see firsthand the horrific fate in store if they fail and even one of the dragons is allowed free reign over Telara.

Guardians are drawn to Lantern Hook by dreams and visions, believing their experiences at the bottom of the well are part of a revelation from the Vigil. The Defiant, no strangers to time travel, believe that the Fall of Lantern Hook is but another alternate future like the one they hail from, where Regulos devours the world with the wasting energies of Death. The Fall of Lantern Hook depicts Maelforge, Dragon of Fire, roasting Telara alive and unleashing a frenzy of consumption and desolation.

Quest Information

Hope Still Burns
Quest Giver: Automatic
Location: Dungeon Entrance
Objective: Release the Prisoners 0/2, Speak with Helena Brass, Speak with Karkh Nistor, Kill Rorf, Kill Pyromaster Cortilnald, Kill Emberlord Ereetu

Survive the Fall of Lantern Hook and recover the key to preventing this future from coming to pass.

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Wash it Away
Quest Giver: First Prisoner
Location: Prisoner Cell
Objective: Kill the Faction fanatics 0/6

Against the Odds
Quest Giver: Second Prisoner
Location: Prisoner Cell
Objective: Use the Ethian Orbs 0/3

The Fall of the Lantern Hook: I am John Connor.. Wait no, that’s not right.

Random Bind on Pickup Loot

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Prevent the Fall

The Fall of Lantern Hook is a level 44 dungeon instance placed on the lower floor of Lantern Hook in the Droughtlands. All standard group configurations work though it is suggested you have a second healer or at least one off healer for this instance. Each of the boss encounters are very healer intensive. The instance itself is found on the bottom level of the Guardian and Defiant central hub in the Droughtlands. If you are coming in from the nearest entrance from the portcullum (which is to the right if you are facing Lantern Hook), you will see two tunnels directly in front of you when entering the center chamber. Take the one of the left and head down. You will come to see a large pool in the center of the room, jump in and swim to the bottom. This is where you will find the instance’s entrance.

When you enter the instance you will begin by floating in the center of same pool you entered. There are three quests in this dungeon. The first, like all other is an autoquest called Hope Still Burns. This quest first requires you to free two prisoners which are marked on your minimap. You will have to kill a few trash mobs before being able to free them. The second stage will ask you to speak with two different NPCs. Once that is done you will then be instructed to defeat all three Bosses in the dungeon. There are two other quests for Fall of Lantern Hook and they are given by two prisoners from each cell. These are Wash it Away which asks you to kill 6 opposite faction NPCs, which are located in a dead end off the first boss, Rorf. The last is entitled Against the Odds which ask you to interact with three Ethian Orb located in each of the boss chambers.

As you may have noticed the map above is not marked with location points. This is because you make your way from the bottom to the top and the map overlaps which would make any labeling confusing. To simplify things, this guide will break down the dungeon into three rooms. Each room contains one boss and other quest objectives.

At this point you should have three quests and be ready to make your way into the dungeon. Once you get to the upward ramp you should see mob called Mister Opal. If you have no killed all the trash mobs surrounding the pool below, the act of engaging Mister Opal will pull all those mobs to you. Make sure all the trash is cleared first before proceeding. Mister Opal himself is a tougher elite, but nothing tricky. After this you will be able to make your way into the first room.

Upon entering the first room you will notice three wandering NPCs called Wanton Sentries. Around the room you will also see trash packs. For the easiest, stress-free, way of clearing this room make sure you clear as many trash packs as you can without pulling the Sentries. Also note, Rorf will be patrolling clockwise around the center pillar. When you engage the Wanton Sentries, they will run away from you and up a nearby ramp. Here he will call two Scorch Hounds and then run back to you. If you do not clear any of the trash you will end up pulling multiple trash packs and potentially the boss as well. Take your time and you should easily clear the room with enough patience. Before engaging the boss you will find your first Ethian Orb to the right side of the room.


Rorf is a warrior based boss that is primarily a Beastmaster which means he has a pet as you can see from the picture above. His pet is named Scratchy that has one nasty ability that applies a DOT called Infected Wound. This ability lasts one minute and will constantly tick on the target until they are full health. Rorf himself has three abilities. The first is called Spirit Bite which is a ranged attack. The second is Feral Root, which roots the tank and then Rorf jumps backwards 10-15m and begins casting Spirit Bite from a distance. The Root lasts approximately 2-3 seconds and is dispelable. Rorf also has an ability called “Feline Mend” which is a channeled ability that heals Scratchy, it is also interruptable.

The strategy for this fight is quite simple. Use an off healer in conjunction with your main healer to keep the main tank topped off as to prevent Infected Wound from doing too much damage. Kill Scratchy first and interrupt Rorf when he attempts to heal him. Once Scratchy is dead, you will only need to worry about his root and leap back abilities. A Rogue Tank is particularly good in this fight as he will be able to teleport instantly to the boss after each root.

If you can manage to keep the health of your tank topped off you should easily be able to manage Rorf and win.

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Once Rorf is defeat you can continue onward. At the opposite end of the first room you will see two ways to go. The left will lead you to a dead end where you will be able to see the Faction Fanatics (pictured above) for the quest Wash it Away. Once the enemies are defeated the quest NPC will appear so you can turn the quest in. Once finished you can take the second passage n the right that will lead you up into the second room.

Once you enter the second room you will begin be able to see the second boss, Pyromaster Cortilnald up on the ledge above you. Clear all the trash out of the room first by pulling back to the tunnel entrance by line of site (LOS) pulling them. It is very important that you clear out the whole room before engaging the boss. You will need all the room you can get. Once clear, you can engage Cortilnald. You will see the second Ethian Orb, but don’t worry about it until you defeat the boss.

Pyromaster Cortilnald

Once the boss is engaged he begin the first phase. In the first phase, Scaldflesh Ash and Molten Dogs will begin appearing. Attempt to round up as many of them as you can during this phase and kill them. They will persist throughout the whole fight and they will need to be killed because they will harass you the whole time. Also during the first phase, the Pyromaster will be casting Pillar of Fire which is a ground based AOE spell. So you will have to literally stay out of the fire.

Below: Pillar of Fire and Summoned Adds

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The second phase will begin shortly with Cortilnald appear on the floor under the ledge. He will be casting fireball and cinderburst. Fireball is a quick cast DD spell usually casted on the tank. Cinderburst is a longer cast time spell that does massive damage where he will cast this on different people. It is very important to interrupt this spell as it could cost you a wipe. Throughout this, Cortilnald will also be teleporting around the room, which is why it’s important to clear all the trash as possible. He also teleports a good distance away and begins casting spells so stay on your toes.

There are a few strategies depending on your group makeup. If you have a Warrior Tank it is suggested that he use a Void Knight based tank build; then combine this with a Rogue in a Bard spec for in-combat run speed for the teleports and you’ll have a much easier time. Other combinations that work are Rogue Tanks that can teleport to the boss. All DPS should be using their ranged builds if applicable. If the DPS players can keep cinderburst interrupted then the healers should have no issue keeping up everyone.

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Once the Pyromaster is defeated, pick up the second Orb and head up the ledge where the boss originated from and continue up to the top. Once you clear through the trash you will soon find yourself overlooking the third room.

Upon coming out of the tunnel you will be in the third room that is open to the sky. You will see three portals, and a patrol group around the center of the room. Head on down and clear out the patrol, but keep your eyes out since it will respawn coming out of the center ramp leading down. Occasionally you will kamikaze NPCs called Charhide Combusters coming for you where they will explode and cause some damage, so stay sharp.

In order to open the gate at the farside of the room you will need to defeat the three swirling rift-like gateways in the room. When you engage the caster NPC he will summon two adds. Once defeated the gateway will be closed. Do this three times and final gateway to the last boss will be open. Before heading to the last boss, make sure you click on the final Ethian Orb and complete the quest.

Emberlord Ereetu

The last boss fight of The Fall of Lantern Hook is a difficult one. It is a combination of a DPS race that will stress your healers and a movement fight. Ereetu has four abilities that can cause problems. The first is called Explosive Bolt that will randomly select a target that isn’t the tank (or lead threat person) and explode upon impact damage all other players surrounding him. The second is called Fire Claw which is a frontal cleave that is extremely fast which Ereetu often spams. The third ability is called Dark Invocation which is a fear. The last ability is called Scorching Shard which summons a red shard on top of a random target. This Shard, once summoned, casts a spell called Fire Storm which is a short ranged PBAOE that does damage. These shards do not disappear and will build up over time.

This is a very difficult fight as you will have to balance healing potential with max dps. It is suggested that if you are not sure of your groups potential, or if this is your first time, that you bring a cleric healer and as well as a Chloromancer. If you don’t have a Chloromancer then an offspec hybrid bard build would suffice. The reasoning behind a Chloromancer is that they do a significant amount of DPS while healing which is very important for this fight. Also a Chloromancer will be able to heal for the short duration on the chance that your cleric is feared and can not heal. If you have a strong Cleric healer, then the hybrid Bard will want to focus on doing damage and using Cadence to heal the group.

When you start the fight, the tank should begin slowly kiting Ereetu around the edges of the ledge conserving as much space as possible so the Fire Shards are clustered together. All melee dps must stay behind Ereetu at all times because Fire Claw will kill them quickly. There are two strategies you can employ for “Shard Clumping”. The first is all non-tank players stay clumped up behind Ereetu so that all shards will be concentrated in one area as the tank slowly moves around. The second strategy is all healers and DPS should stay clumped up away from the tank and move slowly on an inside track to the tank.

All tanks have cooldowns to absorb damage, if the healer is feared, the tank should us their cooldowns while the offhealer picks up the slack for the short term. The fight is a DPS race before the ledge is full of Fire Shards. It is also a coordinated movement fight so that you don’t get too many shards scattered around where you run out of room to maneuver. It would not be surprising if most new players will need a few attempts in order to defeat this boss.

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Once Ereetu is defeated, you can collect your rewards and leave the dungeon via the portal that appears.

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