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Freemarch Puzzle Tutorial

By on Feb 21, 2011 at 2:20 pm, in Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments

The Freemarch Puzzle is not actually in Freemarch, but is in the “Lake of Solace”. If you look at your map, the puzzle is directly beneath the L of “Lake”. Swim out to it and make sure you have full breath before attempting the puzzle. Swim directly down to the floor. Here you will find aqua lamps that will for a moment be visible and the next invisible. All you have to do for this puzzle is right click on ever aqua lamp before your breath runs out.

Be in the center of the circle in order to have the best chance of completing this puzzle before you die. When a lamp appears, click on it, and get ready for the next. Once all of the lamps are activated, simply loot the chest that appears and swim back to the surface.

  • Anonymous

    Found puzzle at 6007, 6137. To the left of the L in Lake of Solace.

  • Chris Orton

    would your chances improve with a water breathing potion/buff?

  • Eman

    Thanks for the co-ords Aithea. “Below the L” is literally the most idiotic description of a location ever, considering you can zoom in and out , changing the location drastically.

  • ican

    i went to emaber isle got the faster swim and underwater breathing buff worked perfect !! took me longer to swim to it then it did to do the puzzle . 3 puzzles down for me so far . got a title and a pet so far .