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Silverwood Puzzle Tutorial

By on Feb 21, 2011 at 2:27 pm, in Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

The Silverwood Puzzle is a very easy puzzle to do but can seem quite confusing at the start. The coordinates for this puzzle are 6400, 3107 at Overwatch Keep. On the back side of the tower located at the coordinates gives, there is a “Mysterious Plaque”. Click on this to be teleported to the puzzle.

You will spawn at the top of the tower and there will be a series of mysterious plaques on the center spire of the tower. When you spawn, simply run counter clockwise (or right) to the next plaque. When you do you will be transported to another tower. (If you get a loading screen this is normal). Run right to the next plaque and click on it. Continue this “running to the right” and clicking on plaque strategy until you are teleported to the final destroyed tower. Here you will receive your key and can claim your reward.

  • Guest

    The co-ordinates for the initial teleport plaque are actually [6415,3154].

  • djdjdj

    With your vague description of how to get to the puzzle no one is going to find it. 99% if the puzzle is getting into it – the actually puzzle is easy.
     You haven’t helped anyone.

  • Laz

    The 1st plaque is on the side of the tower where you find the questgivers in overlook keep.

  • Stiffshanks

    Coordinates are incorrect. 6132 3155 is where i am standing to click the plaque. Its on the wall of the tower just behind Emilyn Summers the quest giver.

  • Mohrd

    There are much better guides at