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Soul Build Library: Rogue Soloing Spec

By on Feb 28, 2011 at 11:26 am, in Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

Just to get the ball rolling here after a weekend of playing, we’ve updated the library with a new build.

[LVL/FARM] [BD | 18 ASN | 13 RS] Grind Baby Grind, Its What a Blade Dancer Does Best

If you have a build you want to share or help develop please visit our Soul Build Library today and get to work.

Keep reading after the break for a preview of the build that we think is the best leveling build for post level 30 in the game for Rogues.

Grind Baby Grind, Its What a Blade Dancer Does Best

This is probably one of the best rogue build for farming builds you could probably build. It is based off of parry/dodge, reactionaries and class buffs. You use the Blade Dancer soul for all your attacks and reactionaries, the Rift Stalker soul for it’s healing, and the Assassin tree for it’s damage modifiers. This build does not shine in groups unless you are the focus of the mob. If the mobs aren’t hitting you, then you’re parry/dodge buffs aren’t being used and you become a mediocre dps build.

Pros: Fantastic for farming, leveling, and any other grinding in the open world. Is the basis for what might be a great melee PVP spec (untested).

Cons: Can not take on elite mobs (sub Bard for Rift Stalker). Not good in groups if not the focus of all mob attacks. Not good in instanced raids and dungeons. Can not tank, there are better DPS builds.

The minimum level this build becomes effective is 27, where it becomes on par with the grinding and leveling speed of a Ranger based build. The link below shows level 29, however you do not require Flash of Steel or Contra Tempo to make effective, but it helps speed things up.

Soul Build at level 29

You need, at a minimum, the healing based on combo points left when a mob dies in the Riftstalker tree and the dodge/parry buffs from the Blade Dancer tree. Even at this point your damage vs. survivability may not be on par with a Ranger type build.

You will then want to work in points for the Assassin tree. Almost all Rogue DPS builds will use 17 or 18 points in Assassin. This build is no different.

Soul Build at Level 42

If you’ve put this many points in you’re now level 42. At this point you want to start putting points into the Blade Dancer tree to round out the build. Here are the remaining talents that you pick up on your way to level 50

Blade Tempo, Blade Hustle, Vivacity, Counterbalance, Combat Efficiency, Disengage

Sould Build at Level 50

How the Build Works:

The Assassin Soul will be mostly used for it’s passive abilities.

* 5% Critical Hit Chance
* 2% Physical Damage Increase
* Critical Hits Increase Damage by 10%
* 20% Critical Hit Damage Bonus
* Critical Attacks cause your target to bleed. Stacks 3x

You will use one ability in your rotation: Puncture (2 CP generator + bleed)

The Riftstalker Soul will be used for it’s healing ability. 6% Max Health Return per Combo Point left on a mob when killed. The more hitpoints you have, the higher the heal.

Inside the Blade Dancer soul is where the magic happens. Every time you Parry or Dodge:

* 100% Chance to gain an extra CP after a Dodge or Parry
* 10% Damage Increase after a Dodge or Parry
* 100% To Strike Back with both weapons after a Dodge only
* Reprisal Reactive Proc after a Dodge or Parry

When you kill an NPC, you will gain a bonus based on the amount of CPs left on them.

* 6% Health Return per point
* 5 Energy per Combo Point
* Flat 3% increase to Critical Chance, Hit, Dodge and Parry

You will also be juggling four buffs from finishers. Duration is based on the number of combo points used.

* False Parry – 5% Dodge, 6% Parry
* Guarded Steel – 30% Armor
* Dauntless Strike – 5% Critical Chance
* Annihilate – 57 Attack Power

Deadly Strike hits hard, but the buffs are more important and the damage difference is not massive.

How to Heal:
You will want to keep your health up. Since you are healed on mob death when they have left over Combo Points, you might not want to use finishers when a mob is close to death. In your late 40s you can heal yourself for 1500 with five combo points left over. If you are fighting multiple mobs and you find yourself low on health try targeting the mob with the least hitpoints. You will be healed regardless if the mob has 10000 health or 10.


* Side Steps – 50% Dodge
* Blade Tempo – 30% Damage Increase
* Double Coup – 100% Crit Chance and Damage Modifier to Keen Strike after Quick/Precision Strike

Your Rhythms are what make you dangerous. They are short term buffs that have a long cooldown and also cause Exhaustion. Exhaustion merely disallows you to chain cast them.

The most important Rhythm is Side Steps. This is best used when facing 3 or more mobs. With increased dodge you not only have more survivability, but because of Contra Tempo you will gain extra CPs quickly. With high parry/dodge ratings, you can build 5 CPs with only two attacks using either Puncture or Precision Strike.

Both Double Coup and Blade Tempo allow a lot of damage in a short time. This is where increasing your energy cap while combining energy return on finishers and mob death come into place as you will be energy starved throughout the fight.

Your energy cap increase also comes in to play for the initial burst beginning combat.

Your standard rotation priority should look like this:

* Puncture (2CP + Bleed)
* Precision Strike (2CP)
* Quick Strike (1CP)
* Keen Strike (1CP)

You can make this a macro to save space on your hotbar.

#show Puncture
cast Puncture
cast Precision Strike
cast Quick Strike
cast Keen Strike

The #show call is there to show you the cooldown of Puncture so you can time it’s use. It is not necessary however. Also, please note, this macro will often use 2 CP generating abilities whenever they are up and not when they are most efficient. This means they will go off when you have 4 CP and 1 CP will be wasted. It’s great for grinding, as it’s 1 key to press, but if you’re using this to PVP, then there are better ways to do things.

Skills to Note:

* Weapon Barrage: Ranged Interrupt and Silence. This will help you pull caster mobs to you and force them to melee attack you. Your worst enemy is a caster as you can dodge/parry spells.
* Disassemble: Disarm attack, use if necessary.
* Disengage: Stuns an enemy. Useful if you’re in trouble, but you’ll still want mobs to attack you for the parry/dodge buffs.


This build is incredibly efficient. You can heal yourself, have a ton of avoidance and you can also do amazing damage. You have a few ways to get around as well with Riftstalker’s Shadow Shift and Blade Dancer’s Flash of Steel.

  • Chris Halbert

    Lol, so i read everything and i was like “ok, cool.. yeah.. this sounds awsome!”  – Clicked on the build link and it ain’t there no more lol.  :(