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Moonshade Highlands Puzzle Solution

By on Mar 15, 2011 at 3:03 pm, in Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

The Moonshade Highlands puzzle, located on the top of Hammerknell Fortress, is possibly the hardest puzzle in Rift. First off, I recommend doing this puzzle with another person. It can be soloed but the more people you have working on this puzzle, the easier it is. (Max you should bring is 8) All you have to do for this puzzle is keep the 8 lights, which at the start are red, green as long as possible. There are 10 lights at the back near an orb. The longer the lights are green the more lights near the orb will light up. When all of the lights near the orb are lit, you can right click on the orb and get your key to the chest.

The whole trick to this puzzle is keeping the 8 lights green as long as possible. If your group is not working together and keeping the lights green, you will not be able to complete this puzzle. To see how this is done watch the video we have on this puzzle.

  • Jamison Runyon

    This puzzle is fun and frustrating when you first try it. But if you can find the sweet spot it’s also one of the quickest. If you want a challenge I recommend doing this one solo. It took me about 10 minutes of playing with the lights to get a good flow going and about another 10 minutes to find the right place to stand.
    But once you have these two things down its a piece of cake!

  • Patrick Calhoun

    here is a trick I did and you can do it solo I did it under 2 minute start with the other side of the Sphere like object of the 8 lights make a number 8 run path awhile click on each light in order like an eight 8