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Addon Documentation

By on Jun 7, 2011 at 8:29 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

Here is a string of posts from ZorbaTHut on the Addon Development forum that go over some of the new functions for RIFT’s addone API. If you’re interested keep reading.

Originally posted by ZorbaTHut (Source)

Hey everyone!

My name’s Ben and I’m a member of the UI team. I’ve developed a lot of smaller features (like the Public Group system) but now my main job is lead developer of the addon system. I’m going to be paying close attention to the Addon forum and giving out technical support occasionally.

I’ve been working in the game industry on and off for around a decade, taking a break to go back to school and put in a few years at Google. I was also heavily involved in the MMO addon scene for about two years. I’m going to be using my addon experience to make Rift’s addon system as good as I possibly can.

You have no idea how excited I am to see what people make with it.

Originally posted by ZorbaTHut (Source)

Here’s a list of available functions, followed by the same list with extra documentation. Keep in mind that the addon system is a work in progress and the vast majority of the time spent so far has been spent on the framework, not the API. More functionality will be showing up as the system is improved.

Rift API functions are self-documenting via Development.Documentation and will also dump their documentation if used incorrectly.

Note that this is the exact output that is generated by the Trion Development Tools addon.

For a full list of functions please use this link.

Originally posted by ZorbaTHut (Source)

Here’s a pair of examples to get you started.

To install:

* Download the addon you’re interested in
* Open Rift Public Test Shard
* Click the “Addons” button
* Click the “Open Addon Directory” button
* Wait for the directory to open up
* Extract the addon into that directory, preserving its path layout
* Return to Rift
* Click “Refresh”
* Play the game!

The actual extraction method depends on your operating system but we’re going to assume that addon developers can figure that bit out.

Trion Development Tools are a set of Lua-based utilities that we plan to improve as we go. At the moment, their only purpose is to dump the list of available functions, optionally with documentation. “/dump” will show the bare list, with “/dump detail” giving function and parameter descriptions. The detailed output is far too long to fit in the chat buffer – you’ll want to use “/log” to turn on the disk chat log first. Trion Development Tools also includes detailed documentation on the .toc format and is probably where you should start.

Zorba’s Buff Bars is a set of modified buff bars in a drastically different style, and is provided as an example of a realistic mod. We’ll be fleshing it out as we add functionality.

For the ZIP files referred in this post, follow the source link above or click here.