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Warrior Leveling Guide with Reaver and Paragon

By on Aug 3, 2011 at 9:32 am, in Article, Featured, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

This article is designed with the purpose of providing a reference for you, our fledgling warrior, as you gain levels on the road to level 50. These are not the end-all be-all specs for leveling, but merely suggestions for specs of various roles to level 49. There may be better or worse specs at any given level, there might be better rotations; as you are able to invest more points in to the different trees your options open up, and by all means, explore. For the sake of these articles, the roles will be: DPS, Tank, and PVP.

So you’ve completed the hard part! You hit the “Create Character” button, and now you stare at your character list with your new level 1 warrior… now what?

Today we’re going to look at leveling as a DPS warrior, with a varation of a popular leveling spec going around.

Paragon/Reaver DPS

The single best solo-leveling builds involve paragon. With the right talents you have great mitigation through parry, and a high DPS output. The spec I’m highlighting here today is A Paragon Reaver build. While a build like this might be scoffed at, at 50, leveling is all about survivability while pumping out the best damage you can.
I refer you to Paragon/Reaver

As a note, this build uses dual-wield abilities, so pick up one handed weapons such as daggers, axes, and swords.

At level 10, your spec should look like this: Level 10 DPS

Levels 1-10:
As you progress through the starting zone, the first soul you should grab is Paragon. Starting out immediately, begin putting your points in that tree, then your spare points in Reaver. Given this only covers a range of the first 10 levels, which breeze by, it’s not imperative that you put the points in by any special order, especially this low.

Recommended Talents:
Paragon: 5/5 Duality of Mind, 5/5 Teaching of the Five Rings
Reaver: 3/5 Entropic Embrace

Starting out you will use Dual Strike as your main builder (Optionally, at this point, using Rising Waterfall between them) with Reaping Harvest as your Finisher.

You’ll want to keep Soul Sickness up optionally using Blood Fever and Ravaging Strike. But, really, at this point things die so fast you’re better off just ignoring those for now.

Make sure you keep up Way of the River, Focus of Strength and Storm Blade

At level 20, you should look like this: Level 20 DPS

Levels 10-20:
You start getting some real abilities now!

Recommended Talents:
Paragon: 3/3 Double Jeopardy, 1/1 Predictable Movements, 5/5 Weapon Master, 1/3 Grace of the Five Rings
Reaver: 5/5 Entropic Embrace, 1/1 Soul Feast

Now, here’s what you gain for Paragon: With Weapon Master your attack points, or “Swords”, have a 50% chance to come two at a time. What this means is less down time between finishers; this is a great thing. Now, your finisher is still going to be Reaping Harvest, but you’ve also gained a new ability named Shifting Blades. Here’s where it gets a little complicated. Shifting Blades only makes your next 3 attacks swing twice. If you manage to get 3 attack points before that 3 is consumed, reaping harvest is going to hit like a truck for 175% its normal damage. This won’t always happen, and relies on Weapon Master Proccing, but when you can, do this! Note that reactives consume ticks of shifting blades, so avoid Turn the Blade when Shifting Blades is up!

You also gain a new buff called Way of the Mountain, this is going to be useful for a while. You will now, for sure, want to be using Rising Waterfall between Dual Strikes and your new point building ability of choice Path of the Raptor which you will use before Dual Strike, off cooldown.

And for Reaver you’ve gotten Binding of Affliction and Crest of the Abyss both of which you should now keep as a buff on yourself at all times. Further, keeping Soul Sickness active is as important as ever, as it now heals you for a decent amount thanks to your newly acquired Soul Feast

Your spec should now look like this: Level 30 DPS

Levels 20-30:
Recommended Talents:
Paragon: 3/3 Grace of the Five Rings, 1/1 Path of the Tempest, 1/1 Bend Like the Reed, 1/3 Deadly Grace
Reaver: 1/1 Plague Bringer, 5/5 Imbued Armor, 3/3 Ethereal Bond

What’s you’ve gained with Paragon:

  • Path of the Tempest, a powerful ranged finisher that you will be using as your main finisher now, replacing Dire Blow, weaved in with Reaping Harvest.
  • Bend Like the Reed, an amazing defensive cooldown, the damage bonus mostly makes up only for the loss of a rotation to use it, but the defensive power will help you to solo many elite mobs and you’ll find yourself using this often for survivability.

And Reaver:

  • Plague Bringer, allows all dots applied within the next 12 seconds to hit 5 additional targets. You’ll find this useful for those unavoidable large groups as you level and in dungeons.
  • Vicious Cleave, this is going to be your main AoE point builder for now.

You’ve also gotten a couple of taunt talents here, but this won’t do too much for you soloing, and this is not explicitly designed as a tanking spec.

Your spec should now look like this: Level 30 DPS

At level 40, your spec should look like this Level 40 DPS

Levels 30-40:
Recommended Talents:
Paragon: 5/5 Flowing Strikes, 2/2 Improved Flowing Strikes
Reaver: 5/5 Planar Attunement, 1/1 Soul Devour

New Abilities for Paragon:

  • Path of the Hurricane, this is going to be a new AoE ability you will use off cooldown. It’s very powerful, and very dangerous to use until you get used to it. Not that it does damage up to 20 yards away from you in a cone, be careful not to pull extra with it.
  • Thread the Trees, a new charge you have that does AoE damage on travel and landing. The damage of this is negligible, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time with two charges. It’s recommended to macro this in with Bull Rush.

You really don’t get anything particularly amazing in this bracket, the Binding you get isn’t going to be better than Binding of Affliction. Weakening Essence gives you some kiting power. Infestation is good, but as you’re only using a few DoTs from Reaver following this guide, you’re not going to see it doing much damage compared to someone using full Reaver DoTs. Doing so would detract from the speed at which you can use your paragon abilities as power would become a limiting factor. If you feel as though you have the energy to spare, and thing live long enough to even warrant the extra GCDs, this is the point at which you might start using more DoTs, when Infestation is off GCD. It should also be pointed out that Soul Devour makes keeping up Soul Sickness all the more worthwhile as it will now heal you for significantly more.

And now, finally, your spec should be complete, as seen again here.

Levels 40-49:
You’re almost there!

Recommended Talents:
Paragon: 3/3 Deadly Grace, 3/3 Force of Will, 1/1 Death Touch
Reaver: 3/3 Crest Mastery, 1/1 Master of the Abyss, 2/3 Grisly Works

Here’s where it all gets fun! You’ve just gotten two abilities from paragon that will entirely change your playstyle… Strike Like Iron, and Path of the Wind. They are now your best friends!

You have two options here, and really, they’re both going to do you decently just for soloing. With Strike Like Iron now in hand, you have the choice of using it with Shifting Blades, or Reaping Harvest. Depending on how long your targets are living, you might get different results here. Keep in mind that once Shifting Blades is activated that the next 3 abilities do a ton more damage, and the target will probably not live until the next finisher. On the other hand, if something does live longer, you may have time to squeeze in a Reaping Harvest while both Shifting Blades and Strike Like Iron are active for a massive finisher.

The simpler approach, if you’re just soloing, is to simply alternate Strike Like Iron and Reaping Harvest, working in two finisher rotations as opposed to a very closely timed 3 finisher rotation.

Way of the Wind is going to be a massive bonus to your damage, use it above all other ways, and stop using Rising Waterfall if you are; without Way of the Mountain it simply does not have enough punch to be worth your energy.

For Reaver you have just received some AoE bonus, one being Master of the Abyss, which is both a powerful AoE and a healing spell, giving all the damage dealt back to you. Additionally you have learned Cyclone Strike, which should, in AoE situations, be used off cooldown as your finisher (between Strike Like Iron).

You are now ready to get that final level and find the new spec that suits you for long term usage. Good luck in whatever level 50 brings your new Warrior!