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Major RIFT News from @Gamescom!

By on Aug 19, 2011 at 8:31 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

One of our members of RIFT Junkies, Puremallace just tipped us on a great video coming out of GamesCom that touches on a ton of new information.

We (Result – Immerwacht EU) have been to the GamesCom in Cologne and had quite some luck to arange a meet ‘n’ greet with Vice President/Executive Development Director Russ Brown and RIFT Producer Adam Gershowitz. Here’s a little summary of the topics.

to patch 1.5:
– 1.5 will go live end of september – beginning of october
– There will be “single-dungeons” as a part of the “Chronicles of Telara”. These dungeons are for more casual players who don’t have the times like full raiders do. You can easily clear this dungeons with 1-2 players (depends on the equip) but the difficulty will not scale with the amount of players in the dungeon. Hammerknell will be the first “solo-dungeon” so that casual gamers are able to see that type of dungeon as well.
– There will be the “Master-Mode”. The Developers said that it is going to be hard to solve these dungeons. It’s for gamers between full raiding and casual. Right now, Darkening Deeps and Deepstrike Mines are the first dungeons in testing phase. There probably will be more depending on which dungeons the community wants to see.
– The new “Hammerknell”-Warfront “Library of the Runemasters” will be released
– The first parts of the new “Planar Achievment System” will go live. From level 50 on you will get points for earned EP from daily quests etc. These points can be spent in 6 extra bonus skilltrees to adjust the characters a little more and give them some finetuning.

other facts:
– The new 10-man-dungeon “Rise of the phoenix” won’t be released with 1.5 because they are focusing on other things (see above) and it is still in testing
– The new 10-man-dungeon will be as hard as Hammerknell just with 10 man!
– The new Zone won’t come live with 1.5
– But there will be new Raid-Rifts with the new zone (1.6 or later)
– The aspect “social-life” was discussed. Developers are planig some fancy features like a “barber-shop” whre you can change the face of your character.
– The “Warrior and leather” issue was discussed. They want to have every class their own equip-class. So warriors won’t prefer leather instead of plate anymore in future. so don’t buy any leather form you tokens any more warriors because they will adjust the items step by step^^

  • Joonas Kolehmainen

    Nice one, Cant wait to see RotP or whatever u call it, and also the new zone.. omg im curious. Finally some new DRR info, its getting really boring to farm same DRR’s every day