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Cleric Tank Best in Slot List

By on Sep 14, 2011 at 9:37 am, in Article, Featured, RIFT  |  Comments: 7 comments

This list consists of all current available gear. Each slot shows the top 5 or 6 ranked choices. In the model used to obtain these rankings, I admittedly favor block. For magical mitigation fights or just for your own personal preference, you may wish to use a slightly different model. In almost all cases where my model creates slight differences in the list order, the differences are just that– slight.

Random Notes:
Remember that some of the Tier drops are different for Defiant/Guardian. For the Raid Tier 1 set, the Guardian set is called Valorous. The “of the Keeper” set is the new crafted stuff. That set’s actually fairly solid, especially considering you can augment it.

Some of the Hammerknell stuff might be missing/incorrect since new gear is being discovered every day. I made random notes for items where Zam didn’t have some items yet. If you see something that needs to be fixed or added, feel free to comment!

[Asphodel’s Peerless Coif]
[Gore-Spattered Helm]
[Asphodel’s Blessed Coif]
[Thorvin’s Dauntless Helm]
[Skull of the Undead Dragon]

[Asphodel’s Peerless Spaulders]
[Asphodel’s Blessed Spaulders]
[Runeforged Spaulders]
[Thorvin’s Dauntless Shoulderguards]
[Life Lord’s Spaulders]
[Spaulders of Hydrostatic Defense]

[Asphodel’s Peerless Hauberk]
[Chestplate of Hidden Plans]
[Asphodel’s Blessed Hauberk]
[Thorvin’s Dauntless Hauberk]
[Grovekeeper’s Defense]
[Hauberk of the Keeper]

[Asphodel’s Peerless Handguards]
[Asphodel’s Blessed Handguards]
[Nightfall Handguards]
[Thorvin’s Dauntless Gloves]
[Pixie Snatchers]

[Asphodel’s Peerless Girdle]
[Asphodel’s Blessed Girdle]
[Bindings of Runic Fortitude]
[Buckle of Servitude]
[Reinforced Fae-Linked Belt]

[Asphodel’s Peerless Leggings]
[Cursed Hex Legguards]
[Asphodel’s Blessed Leggings]
[Thorvin’s Dauntless Greaves]
[Tainted Leggings]

[Asphodel’s Peerless Boots]
[Asphodel’s Blessed Boots]
[Death Walker Greaves]
[Thorvin’s Dauntless Boots]
[Treads of the Fallen]

[Blackened Gloomsteel Ring]
[Reef of Steel] - HK Trash drop.
[Forged Delver’s Insignia]
[Forge Commander’s Insignia]
[Ironbound Life Signet]
[Sign of the keeper]

[Jewels of the Crushing Deep]
[Death-Steel Chain]
[Mighty Shadestone Necklet] - Defiant only.
[Spelliron Chain] - Fire Raid Rift
[Overseer’s Stash]

Main Hand Weapon:
[Darkshell Punisher] - Relic 1H mace with 29 Wis, 20 Int, 46 End, 32 Block, 362 SP and 48 Focus. Akylios drop?
[Cudgel of Corrupted Rites]
[Mace of Cursed Souls]
[Thorvin’s Unyielding Will]
[Death-Steel Crusher]

[Bastion of Reason] - Relic shield with 829 armor, 31 Wis, 21 Int, 44 End, 31 Bloc, and 50 Focus. Akylios drop?
[Soul-Theft Aegis]
[Buckler of Decayed Souls]
[Aegis of the Rune King]
[Necrotic Ward]
[Ward of the Keeper]

[Reinforced Construct Joint]
[Maddening Torch] - Relic wand with 30 Wis, 20 Int, 45 End, 14 Parry, and 51 Focus. Akylios drop?
[Seething Bone Shard]
[Dragon Bone Scepter]
[Corrupted Lightning Wand]

Note: Trinkets are highly situational for Cleric tanks. I’d suggest keeping a few on hand. Here are a few good ones to look for, listed in no particular order:
[Sacred Heirloom of Eth]
[Lifebound Relic]
[Lost Favor]
[Cavernous Nothing]

Lesser Planar Essences:
[Crystalized Resolve]
[Deathly Hand]
[Crystaline Resolve]
[Grave Hand]
[Flood Gates]
[Azurite Ward]
[Death’s Shadow]

Greater Planar Essences:
Note: These are fairly debatable if they’re even worth using or if 6 lessers are better. It honestly depends on your tanking style, raid/group composition, and other factors. I’ll list my two favorites.
[Crystal Vine]
[Frozen Deep One Tear]

Helm: [Icewatch Slayer’s Rune]
Shoulders: [Blazing Tough Rune]
Chest: [Blazing Resolute Rune]
[Incandescent Indomitable Runeshard]
Belt: [Mathosian Pugilist’s Rune]
Legs: [Herioc Dragonslayer’s Rune]
Boots: [The Unseen’s Retributor Rune] - Wis/End
[Blazing Resolute Rune]
Gloves: [Radiant Elusive Rune]
Weapon: [Blazing Strength Rune]
Shield: [Blazing Deflection Rune]
Wand: [Blazing Strength Rune]

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    Here you go
    Fully up to date list with item values based on your own current gear. Including synergy crystals and all possible buffs.

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    is there someing like this for heals?

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    is there any chance this can be updated with the new gear available? I would love to see a “gear to get you started in T2″ also be created/updated with the new planar gear, new PvP gear and new crafting gear