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Faeblight: Community Still Exists in MMORPGs

By on Sep 16, 2011 at 10:27 am, in News, RIFT, SideBarArticleList  |  Comments: 25 comments

In almost every single MMORPG since Ultima Online people always want to build communities and be a part of them. Long time veterans pine for the days of Everquest where you knew everyone and you had reputations. Every game since then has had communities of different sizes but sometimes they can be hard to find. Since Everquest, the internet has exploded and the popularity of online gaming has exploded and this can sometimes bury those great communities and RIFT is no different. However, you won’t have to look much further because we found a great place to call home, and it’s called Faeblight.

Faeblight is a PVE-RP server but don’t let the RP scare you away. Unless world PVP is your main focal point in RIFT, Faeblight has a lot to offer. The community is pretty tight-knit and self policing and not do you see plenty of daily rift raids, experts and 10 man raids being done, you actually see players treating each other with respect. Just hop on any night and compare 50-Chat with any other server’s. It’s a pretty big improvement.

Now you might be able to find some of these things on other servers, but probably not all of them and with such a healthy population behind it. What you also get on Faeblight is a general feeling that the server is populated by people and that it is alive. It’s tough to explain without actually playing in it, but here’s an attempt. In many modern MMORPGs once you hit max level the main population hubs are almost always full of people standing around doing nothing while search for groups in different chat channels. On Faeblight you’ll find this as well, but you’ll also find a bit more.

Players in Meridian and Sanctum often use localized communication in “says” and “yells”. You might not be the roleplaying type, or even roll your eyes at the mention of it. However when you see even the most simple forms of it around you, it does add to the atmosphere of the game in general. It really does create a feel for community.

On a personal note, recently my guild, Fires of Heaven, recently moved to Faeblight and it caused quite an uproar. Fires of Heaven shifted to Faeblight in an attempt to recruit players. Prior to moving there, we saw in Faeblight a server that was extremely populated that also had a lack of progressive raiding overall. We figured we could find some fantastic players that could help us progress through Hammerknell.

We’ve already been quite successful in this, but the uproar came when we initially started raiding on Wednesday and started claiming Server Firsts for boss kills. This all ties back to the claim of community. When you have a server that is very engaged in progression that they care so much about a new guild coming to the server and claiming server first kills, you know you’re getting involved in something different. You get a sense of being part of something bigger.

Not since Everquest, for myself at least, have I seen a server that has a larger general awareness of what is going on on the server from every aspect of PVE and PVP that also includes a large healthy population. Other games and servers will see healthy raiding or pvp communities but typically they are insulated. On Faeblight, it seems more people are aware of each aspect.

Take a look at what the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community is doing with it’s roleplay event “The Telara Saga”. Is there any other server with a popular in-game player run event that is this well organized? Communities like this go a very long way to creating a very healthy and fun gaming atmosphere even if you don’t participate.

In the end, Faeblight will scare off hardcore PVP players that must have open-world PVP, but Faeblight has everything else that you might look for in an MMORPG: Community, Raid Progression, and a healthy population. Don’t let the RP part get in the way of what is actually a fantastic experience.

And on a personal note: Fires of Heaven is recruiting! Even if you’re not on Faeblight, transfer over. If you’re eager to step into Hammerknell and you’re character is statistically ready, send a tell to anyone with an Fires of Heaven tag.

  • WTF??

    so now you are advertising for your server to recruit for your guild?  How about some rift news.  Professionalism?

    • Anonymous

      Haters gonna hate.

  • Noname

    I suggest you keep your trap shut there little fella.

    • Tenkakahn1

      Because of free server xfers two guilds Top Hat Gentlemen and Mission Accomplished have had the leading officers disband the guild (kick everyone and steal guild bank) to xfer to another server with a name change to join other guilds! These free xfers have completely ruined the game community it’s good to hear that atleast one server is still doing well though.

  • laughing

    you guys couldn’t compete with the other progressive guilds on your old server, so you went to a RP server to stroke your epeens? nice…

    • Nobunaga

      100% truth. Maximation #1 moved to Fires of Heaven old server and took their top spot so FoH moved to a RP server. They don’t give a rats ass about community. This article is just more publicity for them. There’s been over 200 complaints to the GMs on Faeblight to revert the server firsts and remove FoH from the role-play community.

      • Eliiniel1

        They weren’t even number 1 on Briarcliff before Maximation moved there.  Aftermath had them beat for a while.

    • Laughter

      you guys stepped in it, camping lowbies? during a another guild’s sponsored server event? rediculious, immature and very telling. Ya’ll should move to your 5th home now.

  • Marikala

    Well ignoring the people who had nothing better to do but get mad at this article, I enjoyed it. I’m still looking for a good server to play on and I’d been hearing good things about Faeblight. I wish there were articles like this for each of the servers. One written by some who has been there more than a few months, and who is willing to right about the good and the bad.

    • Marikala

      correction there, *write, not right.

    • Renee Randi Hawkins

      everyone has only been on all of the servers for only a few months

  • Anomoils

    lol. “unless world pvp is your main focal point”. No offense but it sounds like that RP server sucks. there isn’t even enough open world on dayblind. open world pvp is the whole game once you hit r8. there should be an active open world. in my opinion TRION needs to still merge some servers. the populations are still too low to be fun. rift consists of queuing up for warfonts solo since when you start queuing with a team it takes forever. while you are queuing you should be pvping in open world :) that is if you are pvp oriented. pvp it up dont raid

  • Solkaris

    How about talking about how things like server transfers actually kill communities? Im sure you love Faebright, but that doesnt really address why MMO server communities are so horrific now. Back when your rep on a server meant something, people acted different. When you can bail off a server it leads to bad behavior and a over all lack of community identity.

    • Kirsten Krowiak

      Agreed.  Very well stated, Solkaris.

  • Kyle

    Great article, this is quite redundant though <3 (On a personal note, recently my guild, Fires of Heaven, recently moved)

  • James Rodgers Jr

    It’s amazing how many people complain about things they can do nothing about. Thanks for the info, I’ve been looking for a server like that, and I look forward to joining. 

  • Rockstar

        I moved here from EQ2 and noticed a HUGE difference in the communities and the way people treat players that are on the same side. Most players in Rift don’t give a shit about anyone else and just call each other names the whole time. You start losing a Warfront and you always see some A-hole say “You guys suck”, “L2P”, and such. EQ2 has/had very tight communities where everyone pretty much knew each other and the only people you really learned to hate was the opposing factions. Very little trash talking and guilds would actually get together to reclaim territories to help questers as it used to be nothing but open world pvp. The Battlegrounds they added ruined the game so I came to Rift to join old friends not knowing what I was getting into. It turned out to be an updated version of EQ2 but with trash talking, no sense of respect, and where players on your same faction would purposely block the port master because it is supposedly funny.

     I wish I would have read this before going to Dayblind because to me the community makes the game. It’s not fun trying to pvp in WF or open world when most of your team is pointing fingers at each other. People start DRRs and steal the loot after saying it was open roll, you will get kicked from grp before rolling on an item so their guildy will get it, your faction will run right by you while someone is trying to gank you, etc. I love the game, but I hate most of the players.

  • Darksarkasm

    Don’t waste your time. Faeblight is like any other RP server; rude, self-centered, and clique-ish. The community isn’t any better then any other rp server. Whats worse, is guilds like Gaiscioch talk about honor, family, and community only to treat those who don’t belong as idiots and loosers.

  • Mhaze

    what’s the use of this article?

  • Mathieu

    Hmm, well, three points here.

    First, of course Faeblight has a real community. This shouldn’t terribly surprising; RP is by definition a very social endeavor and both requires and helps to build a community. Hence, too, the localized yells and says. RPers, again by definition, must talk to each other and not to the server as a whole. The gamers who to congregate towards RP servers would, therefore, naturally tend to be on the more social side of the spectrum.

    Second, if you’re not going to RP, even for a little bit, then why pick a RP server? Just because it has a large population, and one that may not be terribly interested in your style of play to boot? It’s not a matter of “letting the RP scare you off”, it’s a matter of picking a server that suits your gaming style. Going to a RP server if you don’t RP is a lot like going to a PvP server if you don’t PvP. 

    It’s not that I don’t want to be welcoming or anything, I’m just genuinely curious, and hoping that it’s not just a matter of “oh, I don’t care about the label, it’s just another PvE server to me”.

    Third, try RPing, you might like it. :) That doesn’t mean sitting around in a tavern just chatting, or getting involved in social drama, just staying in character on a regular basis can contribute to one’s enjoyment of the game.

  • Malikai32000

    I’m honestly kind of torn on this one since im a member of the faeblight community since beta.  I agree with pretty much everything in the article, yet I feel this is a plug for your recruiting, and that you will just leave the server once you are done.  I dont mind you guys getting server firsts here, I mean all that is is a little pop up on the screen.  I care more about you coming in taking the people that were great in our community and then leaving.  On the other hand  . . . if those people chose to join you its not like they were loyal to their old guild anyways so im torn.  If you guys are genuinely staying on faeblight and being productive members of our community then i welcome you, if not . . . well there’s the door

  • Evelira

    This sounds kinda hypocritical if you ask me. You first say how you like the shard for having a big sense of community and such. And then you say how they care deeply for their own shards progression. But you come from nowhere move there take all their progression and then post an advertisement asking for people to take their raiders too. This seems really low. I first played on Faeblight because I like to do the occasional RP but most of all I like RP players. Raiders have left a very big sore from playing wow. They just over exude elitism and will do whatever it takes, exploit whatever bug, and ruin whatever server all in the name of World Firsts.

    I say shame on you, go back to whatever server you came from and leave faeblight alone. Or reroll completely and join the community properly.

  • suckit

    So, unlike the other trolls in the comments section I will speak from my own experience on faeblight. Everything started off promising, but the server quickly showed their rude, self-centered asses. The haters that hate on faeblight will have GM tickets in to get players renamed, try to invent rules (community?yarite) to get your players banned, mostly to no avail, but there none-the-less. You will see the haters come out to play the longer you stay in that dormant cesspool. There’s a reason no raid progression went on there. The end.

  • Cheribum

    1. Evelira is correct.  (Fires of Heaven are hacks for transferring just to get shard first everywhere.)
    2. Faeblight is better than Sunrest.  Sunrest became horrible after server transfers started.  I hope this article doesn’t make that same situation.

  • Raider

    Shame on you FoH.