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World First: Voodoo Downs Akylios!!

By on Sep 28, 2011 at 10:31 am, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 3 comments

Congratulations to Voodoo for taking down Akylios!

From their front page:

First of all, excellent job to all of our members. This fight requires absolute perfection from all 20 involved, and was many times harder than any of the other fights in Hammerknell.

Funnily enough, he died just 13 minutes shy of being exactly 2 months after our first Murdantix kill. Felt like a lot longer, because unfortunately we’ve been waiting on hotfixes to the encounter for about 3 weeks now.

3 weeks ago he had a 15 minute enrage timer (instead of 20), and required about 25 minutes to actually kill. The week after that we struggled with tidal waves coming from four different directions, two of which came through the boss’ model/tentacles and were extremely difficult (near impossible) for melee and the tank to see. Then the week after that Cerebral Bore was bugged (?) and one-shotting people as soon as it went out. We spent several nights trying all sorts of wild strategy theories to deal with it, but after exhausting all options we were forced to just wait for another round of hotfixes. The audio is out of sync in this video, but you can see just how ridiculous it was: We also had to deal with one of our tanks getting unrightfully suspended somewhere in between there.

The fight as it stands now is pretty perfectly tuned, but there are still several bugs and some RNG/unhealable damage. We probably would have had a kill last night if not for half of our best attempts being wasted to phase 4 failing to trigger.

Overall I believe we were all very impressed with Hammerknell, and didn’t find the bugs that people keep mentioning nearly as bad or demoralizing as some people claim. My main suggestion for future content would be to just officially gate content (release x encounters every y weeks), instead of artificially gating fights by tuning them to the point of making them impossible, which can be incredibly frustrating for guilds investing the time into them.

Just before Patch 1.5. Great job to their whole crew!

  • anomolis

    is that a mana potion on #2 on his main bar? what a noob straight up. pve for noobs

    • Ananananananna

      Stfu, pvper.

  • Nah

    talk shit when you’re the best in the world at what you do.