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Rift Junkies PVP Video by Bleeds of Fires of Heaven [Mage]

By on Oct 11, 2011 at 11:00 pm, in News, RIFT, Videos  |  Comments: 13 comments

A PVP video with fresh Patch 1.5 gameplay brought to you by Fire of Heaven’s very own master-Mage: Bleeds.

Spec [31 Dominator | 31 Pyromancer | 4 Archmage]

If you love the UI leave a comment. If you hate the UI leave 2.

  • Danielxmas

    2 – its an awful UI. are you blind or just like to take up the majority of your screen for no reason?

    • Abnormalonline

      What do you think about the faction imbalance ruining pvp?

  • Danielxmas

    decent pvp tho

  • Guardian

    Gotta agree with Danielxmas, UI is ENORMOUS and equally annoying.  You’re a good mage, though.  Shame you don’t play on the right side :)

  • Obs

    Whats the Music? made the video very fun to watch even tho i dont care for pvp, the music just made the video seem pretty badass on its own….

  • Obs

    i honestly cant believe we have come this far in the game and we STILL couldnt turn off Portraits. There has been SO many times that ive tried to cast downpour or such and because im tryin to be quick in just slam it down infront of me (above my health bar) only to find out im still within the “box” that includes the healthbar and portrait even tho im over the “ground” with my mouse the ability still wont show the lil circle to allow me to cast, thank GOD addons are comming and one nearly has the ability to do exactly what i want already, just need to wait for them to add cleric stuff to it. has it, im sure others are just as annoyed with that as i am, riftui is a good place for addons in general while only in its infancy

  • Heartless

    Honestly him and his guild is the reason I left Faeblight. It was a great server until they came around and ruined it. Now Guardian can’t do any pvp rifts,and honestly I don’t really think he’s all that good. He just outgears everyone considerably from being in a top guild. Yet another reason I will transfer off a server that has a top guild on it. Defiant already have such an advantage over guardian it’s hard to really take any pvp insight, video, or strategies they say serious really. If you want to prove to me you’re good go roll guardian.

    oh and dubstep sucks.

    • Bleeds

      Yeah but what about the UI

      • Heartless

        It’s huge, there isn’t any reason behind it. If you are a keybinder (which I assume since you pvp) then you’ll want very very small icons and keep nice and compact and together to see cooldowns. Usually unless you’re a healer your portaits go around the mid lower to mid higher part of the screen as thats main goal. But the key here being smaller UI means more environment you see. You do know you can scale the UI down? I really don’t know how you can see whats going on around you.

        • Bleeds

          I was JK, I don’t care what you think about my UI

  • Obs

    i have to say i didnt like to ui, but i didnt have much constructive to say that hadnt already been said here or on youtube (basically, “you like being blind?” hehe) i dont find it very clean in any way but its all about what works for You :P thats why theres sooooo many ui changing addons for wow… but again the portraits take up a good 5-10% of your screen nearly at the sizes you have them and when i fade things out i tend to just strain to look through it never actually looking at the top layer, wouldnt work for me atall..

    • Bleeds

      Yeah I’m gonna wait a lil longer before I bust out the add ons, want to make sure they’re somewhat stable, etc. Definitely can’t wait to nix the portraits, but for me it’s still worth it for the easily visible HP/Buff bars that are located right next to where I’m already looking rather than up in a corner or something. I honestly forget that my UI is even strange at all until every time I post a video and the first 20 comments are about it.