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FTHG: Bringing Balance to the Force

By on Oct 26, 2011 at 8:00 pm, in Article, Column, SWTOR  |  Comments: No comments yet

From the High Ground
Welcome to From the High Ground, where we talk official Jedi Knight Business.

There are few more iconic characters in pop culture than the Jedi.  A superhero of sorts with a sweet glowing sword (lightsaber), magic powers (the force), deflecting any laser fire that might come his way, fearlessly wading into any battle, with all confidence he will not be defeated….  However in SWTOR, this is not the Jedi Knight you will be playing.

As more and more video footage that comes out, I find the Jedi is not looking like the all powerful superhero I had hoped to play.  This is not a movie or a single player RPG where such a larger than life character can exist and single-highhandedly save the universe.  No SWTOR is a Massively Multilayer Online  Role Playing Game.  Where lots of players are playing lots of classes and they will not sit idly by and allow such a class to exist.  There is a four letter word that exists in the MMORPG universe and SWTOR is not oblivious to it, Balance.

Balance is the bane of developers and community managers everywhere.  Take a quick run through official game forums of any MMO and you will quickly see that everybody’s class is underpowered.  Words such as: Overpowered! IMBA!  NERF!  BUFF! Will be ever present.  In a game like SWTOR that has a PvP game-play, balance will always be an issue, throughout the lifespan of the game.  Personally, I want a little less character balance in my game.  I want the difference in characters to be more than cosmetic.

I may irritate some people here, but if you are playing some priestly/cleric  type character, then I don’t think you should be able to kill a big bad warrior fully clad in armor, carrying weapons bigger than your body, evar!  It doesn’t matter how pious your cleric is, that trained assassin with two daggers, who has been a murderer his whole life, should always be able to kill you.  That is just the way it is, if you want to kill those type of characters, then roll yourself a character designed to do so.

However, I am in the minority and I am sure every type of class will be able to kill my brave and noble Jedi Knight, no matter how special the NPCs tell me I am.  The harsh realization that my Jedi is not a superhero in pvp may be more compounded by the role of companions in the life of my Jedi Knight.

I like the idea of having companions that gather, craft and run errands for me.  I do not like the idea of needing a droid to tank for me, because it can handle punishment that my Jedi Knight cannot.   My delicate Jedi ego can’t handle such an affront.  Now Bioware has put a lot of work into companions and it looks as though they intend you to play with one always.  Which makes me wonder if the encounters found while questing were created under the assumption they will be done by a player and a companion.  Will I be able to progress through the storyline without a companion in tow?

Unfortunately, these are the cruel realities that come with playing an MMO and not a single player RPG.  So Jedi Knight players do not become disillusioned when you rack up 30 deaths in a warzone or when those lasers you appear to block, still send red numbers up above your head.  It’s just part of playing an MMO.  I hope all my Jedi brethren can come to peace with these facts and remain on The High Ground. Even if they are taken out by some imba Imperial Operative .