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Addon Spotlight: Wire’s Raid Killer

By on Oct 27, 2011 at 2:39 pm, in News, RIFT, SideBarArticleList  |  Comments: 5 comments
Rift Addon Spotlight

Addons are still in their infantcy in RIFT, but they are growing quickly. By far, the most dev posts on the forums are coming from the the Addon Feedback forums. In the first few weeks since Patch 1.5 went live, I test plenty of different mods, but ultimately never used many of them because they were exactly right. However that has changed recently and today I want to share with you all Wire’s Raid Killer.

The addon has a few different components that are really amazing. The first might be familiar to MMOG veterans that have seen encounter targets before. This addons gives you a display of all the NPCs that your group or raid has targeted and shows a cast bar for each. This is amazingly useful in raid encounters like King Molinar and also gives you a quick view of the status of all the mobs in either a trash pull or other encounters.

The only con to this feature is that you can’t target through this UI element.

The main feature to this addon, however, is that it acts like a Deadly Boss Mod. This portion is very raw, but the most useful part is just the screen perimeter flashing. For example, if I need to interrupt the Prince during King Molinar, I can adjust the addon to flash yellow for me. You toggle all of the triggers in the config window if.

One other thing to point out is that this addon supports all group content in the game, not just raid content. I’d recommend checking out this addon today, even just for the encounter list that becomes useful in some rift encounters and especially PVP.

  • Boofeyblitz

    Best Add-on in the game currently.  Every Guild should make this add-on mandatory.

  • Lepew

    Aye using your brain is so overated lets have an addon tell me when to move or to interupt as I as a human cant see this myself . This is not wow I for one do not want DBM in this game learn to do it youreself .

  • Tomten

    the player that need a dbm addon in this game atm i feel sorry for..
    as long as u don’t have a real good reason why u need it that is.
    the encounters aren’t really that hard to memorize.
    only place i can see an addon as needed is at king and prince since the
    “focus target” dont apply % on the hp bar.
    but to install a dbm for only one fight seems unnecessary..
    till there get more “difficult” kind of raid fights where u actually need this I’m not going to be one
    of thous that install it.

  • Zinnia

    The beauty of having add ons is that you can choose whether you want to use them or not. If you think that you are just that awesome that you couldnt possibly ever use this add on, then fine, dont use it. There is no reason to discourage others from using it though. Even if you do not want to use the advantage that the Raid Killer component gives your raid, you should at least find the OCD and NPSee components helpful for tracking players battle rez and buff cool downs, and being able to see the health and percentage of every mob that is targeted by the raid. This is a very well made add on that is extremely helpful to the vast majority of Rift players. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the UI features and seeing what everyone else is targeting cause im wierd like that. It doesnt really sound like dbm but I might accept having a warning to do something sometimes since I can get mesmerized into doing my rotation and not what should be needed.