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Ember Isle Preview and Interview with Hal Hanlin by ZAM

By on Nov 4, 2011 at 2:26 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 3 comments

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Patch 1.6 is coming soon and we get a whole new slew of screenshots, shown above. If you haven’t been over to the PTS yet, ZAM put out a good interview with Hal Hanlin that discusses all the new features. We find out that Instant Adventures are not coming right away, but they will be in before 1.7. There will be a new 5 man dungeon that is Rift’s biggest yet which includes up to 11 bosses on it’s hardest difficulty level and a non-linear design. No raid will be included with 1.6’s launch though Ember Isle hosts two different Dragons.

Other features include Onslaught, which is a new invasion tactic. There will be Sourcewells all over Ember Isles that have turrets you can upgrade. Once upgraded, invasions will start to target the Sourcewell area thus starting an Onslaught.

The major addition at the release of 1.6 will be Onslaughts. “We have areas called Sourcewells, which are the genesis of the sourcestone. You’ll actually see crystal deposits of sourcestone lying around that you can use to charge your planar charges up. If you find a Sourcewell, you’ll also find some old broken turrets around, both offensive and defensive. You can use your planar charges to activate and level these up, make them more powerful, and create defended areas to hold off enemies. And that’s good! Because as soon as you start leveling these up… what’s gonna happen is something we refer to as an Onslaught, which is a series of invasions that are targeted at that location. So in effect, you’re telling the game ‘All right! Bring it on!’… that’s kind of a fun, ‘push button, get to kill things’ gameplay.” Hal notes though that it really becomes critical during zone events, as the Sourcewells need to be defended to defeat the zone boss… but upgrading the defenses incites even more invasions through the Onslaught system. Thus, it becomes a strategy of “Is it worth upgrading this turret if it means another invasion?” Hal did mention that perhaps the Onslaught spawns need a bit of spacing saying, “They don’t come slowly! My first feedback point last week was ‘maybe we need to spread the spawns out just a little!’ because if you have 45 things that hit all at once…” It remains to be seen if the spawn rate of Onslaught invasions will be changed prior to the 1.6 going live!

We can’t wait for 1.6 to go live as it will feature some major additions to RIFT!

  • Irdisappoint

    I knew the raid wouldn’t be coming out, but I am disappointed to hear that Instant Adventure won’t be coming with 1.6. 

    • Anuerin

      im not to upset about it myself yes its good but id much rather have ember isle polished and tweaked so its as good as trion can make it pre release

      its just a matter of looking at it and saying IA is not coming out but ember isle is going to be better because of it

  • SadSadDevelopment

    i have to admit, the onslaught/invasion idea is a great idea towards finally making the dynamic content less brainless, +1 to less brainless play! yay! to bad that only puts us at 1 total, but atleast the number is growing!