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New Guild Getting Ready For Hammerknell? Kill Order Suggestions

By on Nov 30, 2011 at 1:49 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments

If you’re new to RIFT or your guild is just getting ready to make a push into Hammerknell, then you might be wondering what might be the best strategy for you and your guild to execute. Hammerknell is a very large raid zone that has gone through many iterations and tweaks since it went live many months ago, so there can be a lot of mixed information out there. One common question we see quite often is, “What order should we tackle the bosses?” It’s a great question and may vary depending on your guild’s strengths. Let’s take a look at each of Hammerknell’s wings and see what might be the best path for you and your guild.

Let’s start with the assumption that your guild has just come off of farming all the tier 1 content (Greenscale’s Blight, River of Souls, Drownded Halls and Gilded Prophecy) and you have the proper defense and hit ratings. If you don’t, remember there are always essences, runes, and guild banners that increase your hit. Like all raiding guilds, you should make sure all of your members are using the proper consumables: food, flasks and weaponstones.

After defeating Murdantix, there are three options for your guild: 1) Zilas, 2) King and Prince, and 3) Matron. Logistically, the best direction to master would be Zilas. Not only do you have two bosses to get loot from, you also have a extra boss in Prime. Previously, he did not drop any Greater Marks, but now he does. The biggest upgrade to your raid’s DPS is getting your Hammerknell Synergy Crystal four-piece bonus as soon as possible. This should be your guild’s primary objective. Getting to that threshold should be easier than ever with the release of the Rise of the Phoenix 10-man raid dungeon.

As a guild doing Hammerknell the first time, Zilas is a very easy fight to defeat. The fight ramps up extremely slow, and mistakes do not wipe your raid. The first 40% of the boss nothing devastating happens and you’re able to get used to the lay-out. The most difficult portion of this fight is killing Mages and getting to the center when the laser beam starts spinning. Have your key players manage the stun-crystals, and put your top DPS on the mages, the rest of the raid only needs to be aware of the laser and AOE dps’ing the middle of the room.

Prime is a pretty easy fight as long as you can get the strategy down. This fight is probably the most difficult of the three in this portion of the raid. It requires more people to be more than average players that have specific jobs to do outside of straight healing and dps’ing. Most guilds attempting this fight, once they understand what is needed, can bring down Prime.

Gurgonim was once a very difficult fight due to the game’s mechanics. The major issue was that the ground damage effects had a large radius and did a lot of damage if a player was too slow, or standing just slightly in the wrong spot. It has since been nerfed and allows for more leeway. This fight requires large amounts of coordination as a group; essentially everyone has to run to the other side of the boss at the same time.

The next wing a new guild should tackle is Matron and Sicaron. Matron is essentially a dps check for your raid. The fight requires one rogue to be able to stealth and sap mobs and click 3-4 books when they’re supposed to. The rest of the raid needs to interrupt and AOE dps the whole time. The hardest part about dps’ing is not standing in fire.

Sicaron used to be extremely difficult but has since been nerfed, not in difficulty, but in measure of leniency. This fight requires more coordination than most. Players have to be able to place “bombs” or “bubbles” in places the raid leader is calling out. Not a difficult task at all as there are plenty of visual guides during the fight. The rest of the fight is about cleansing and dispelling at the proper times.

This leaves the last wing before you head upstairs. King and Prince is probably the most difficult encounter of the first 6 bosses. It requires the raid to split up into two groups, one on the King and one on the Prince while their health stays within a few percentage points of each other. A mage must tank the Prince, so a player not used to tanking has to take up that role. There are interrupts on both bosses that you must manage. There are adds and exact placement of those adds you must maintain. There are mini-dps checks with other types of adds. You have to manage fear and AOE damage. Even with most recent addons that can display the health of both bosses at the same time, your raid must be coordinated enough to handle this fight, making it difficult.

Once you have King and Prince down, you have access to Estrode which might be the easiest boss in all of Hammerknell. The only reason why this route is not recommended first is due to the King and Prince fight.

Just to recap, a new guild getting ready for Hammerknell should usually go by this kill order:

  • Zilas
  • Matron
  • Prime
  • Gurgonim
  • Sicaron
  • King Molinar
  • Estrode

With this order and doing Rise of the Phoenix, your guild should be rolling in Greater Marks of Ascension in no time.

  • Carlos Colon

    I think Sicaron should be flipped with Grugonim. Sicaron is a much, much easier fight and less tight of a DPS check. Not to mention a shorter fight and less of a wear for new raiders in HK. Just my 2 cents, however.

  • Dulfy

    With the recent 1.6 Warrior tank buff, Matron is easier than Zlias and definitely should be done next. Matron has alot less RNG component less learning to do for the raid except the healers. 

    Also I agree with previous poster, Sicaron is definitely easier than Grugonim and should be done before. Grug fight is really a dps check than a mechanics fight and new guilds tackling may not have the dps required to down him.

    Personally I would do it in this order.

  • CrimsonCrust

    Wow thanks for this article.  Can you guys post up a raid guide for HK and ROTP when you can?  I know it’s a bunch of work to do.  But new guild’s and guild leaders like me really appreciate it.

    Thanks for all the good work by the way.

      “The Curst is on”

  • CrimsonCrust

    *”The Crust is on”