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RIFT’s One Year Anniversary to Drive a Wedge Between Factions

By on Dec 6, 2011 at 9:55 am, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

It is probably not a surprise that Trion is probably planning something special for their one year anniversary. And according to an interview with Gamesradar, Hal Hanlin said, “We’re planning to drive a wedge between the factions for the game’s one-year anniversary.”

What could that mean? This is the first time we’re hearing about the next big update. What kind of game mechanics could they be adding to the game that will really put Guardians against Defiants even more?

  • Jesse Jacobs

    As long as it’s a tasty wedge, I’ll want to try a bit :) Personally I don’t even do much PvP; if it wasn’t for the engaging, immersive world and dynamic content which the Rift team so painstakingly tries to dish out with patches and updates then I wouldn’t be a part of it, because they have catered to not just PvPer’s but everyone (aka, chronicles, new questing areas, zone events).
      I can’t wait to play the one year anniversary and perhaps if it get’s interesting enough for PvP I’ll try that too. At least in that area it’s felt a lot like past MMO PvP without a lot of innovation (aside from weekend warfronts and invasion forces).
      I want a more intricate, deep crafting system with things such as farming (like Runescape or Lord of the Rings Online), as well as an in-depth player housing system (Ultima Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Dark Age of Camelot). And since they actually have a wood working profession and a “work bench” to work with it, I think carpentry would be a perfect add-on to the game. The only game I’ve ever seen tackle carpentry is Ultima Online, aside from perhaps some other free to play or old/low-cost MMO’s. I’ve read that they (might) add player housing by sometime next year, but that’s probably speculation (though I hope it’s true). If done right, this addition can greatly enhance the depth of a game.
      To sum up everything, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game needs to be Massively Ginormous in many aspects, not just a few. While I hate comparing it to Rift, World of Warcraft began instilling a lot more attention on faction hatred and PvP than anything else and it got tiresome after a while. An MMO needs a lot more variety than that.

  • Anonymous

    Well this is either a hint for pve story progression or Trions last desperate attempt to keep a basic active PVP crowd. Maybe both, who knows.

  • Kait

    Am I the only one who enjoys pvp in rift? (no, not r8 either…)

    • Jesse Jacobs

      PvP can be fun. I just like innovation along with it (but don’t ask me what the innovation necessarily is, I’m not the game developer)

  • Miakayuki1984

    Just don’t turn it into another WoW where the only story line is the battle between the two.