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What Becomes of Dead Dragons?

By on Dec 13, 2011 at 9:00 am, in Article, Lore, RIFT, RIFT Exclusives  |  Comments: 11 comments

Greenscale and Akylios are dead. The Ascended have broken into their prisons and shattered them, their very essence now strewn across reality as elemental motes. Their treasures have been plundered, their followers weakened and Telara has become just a little bit safer. But what does this all mean in the long run for Telara and its inhabitants? Today we will speculate on what exactly is to become of the planes of life and water now that their masters have departed.

Lord Greenscale was the primal God of the plane of life. His prison in a secret cavern beneath Caer Mathos was the first to be breached when the leader of his cult, Prince Hylas, opened the doors with his dying breath. Beyond these doors Greenscale lay trapped and weakened within an open death rift surrounded by shadesource. In this state he was no match for the army of ascended that bore down on him despite his noxious breath and the many plants and allies he summoned to his aid.

After a long battle between the plane of water, plane of death and the combined forces of the Guardians and Defiants the gates of Hammerknell Fortress were opened and the next ancient prison was exposed. This time the mad God Akylios was awakened and threatened to drown the world and fill his ears with the melodious screams of his victims.  Fortunately Akylios was put down before he could escape the confines of the ancient harbour that contained him. With his death the ascended had eliminated two of the terrible Gods that had threatened them long ago.

Since then the forces of life and water have receded somewhat, although they have not withdrawn completely. With the “Legacy of the Fallen” event we saw the efforts from these two planes re-directed to collecting the elemental energy left behind by their deceased leaders. When they collected enough the cults had planned to resurrect their Gods but the Ascended intervened and any murmurs of this plan have faded away. It appears that we were not only successful in destroying both Akylios and Greenscale but may have actually destroyed the means of their immediate return, if that was indeed what the cultists had intended. The Abyssal remains weakened and House Aelfwar, with the loss not only of Greenscale but of Prince Hylas and Fae Lord Twyl, is almost destroyed.

So what future could Akylios or Greenscale have in lore if any? Have we really seen the last of them or are their deaths mere setbacks? Is it possible that their destruction could possibly be used by a greater evil to eventually seize control over Telara or even as part of some elaborate revenge? Let’s take a look at a few theories.

Firstly it has been said that the dragons we see on Telara are mere avatars of the Bloodstorm and not their true form. If this is the case it is very possible that all we have done by slaying them is to send them back home to lick their wounds and regain strength, similar to what has happened to Regulos. Regulos’ body was destroyed 1500 years ago and yet his influence is still felt all over Telara, his cult is the largest and most frequently encountered across the land and those that enter the River of Souls can even hear his booming voice shouting commands to his lieutenants. Is it possible this is the same thing that will happen to Akylios and Greenscale? The only flaw I see with this is that it has taken Regulos 1500 years to get back to this level of power and he is often described as being the strongest of the Bloodstorm. If this is the fate of the dragons it is unlikely we will see them again, at least on Telara.

Another scenario is that Greenscale and Akylios are dead for good. If this is correct then what hope do the forces of life and water really have to compete not only with the ascended, but with the other elemental planes? From recent events on Ember Isle we can see that both of those planes are still making grabs for power even though their leadership has been dismantled. In fact, in Greenscale’s absence the Bogling Queen Alltha has gone as far as to announce herself as the replacement for Greenscale and launches her own invasion. Although her plan is stopped it shows there are other forces out there to fill the voids in leadership that remain. We have even seen devoted followers of the dragons siphon some essence from their Gods and become powerful dragons themselves. Perhaps this is the real reason for the mad rush to collect motes several months ago.

Of course there could always be a much more sinister use for dead dragons. Regulos is sitting at the border of the River of Souls picking out the strongest individuals to lead his ranks of undead. Maybe he is capturing his departed siblings and bending them to his will. If this plan was to succeed then he would surely have an unstoppable army and finally be able to destroy all of Telara. Of course with the destruction of the machinery within the River of Souls itself, this may no longer be a possibility if it ever was.

So we have a few possible outcomes for what might become of dead dragons and it is entirely possible we may not even be close with our guesses. We will not know for sure until more of the story is revealed and that may take some time. So what do you think? Have we really seen the last of Greenscale and Akylios? Let me know your own theories below.

  • George Lolas

    Good read :)

    I think that we will see them again in the future, maybe in their true form? Will we be able to invade the planes and take the war to their own home? I really hope we can do that in the first expansion. Also, I think that we may not see them again, but they will continue to give orders and maybe prepare to unleash deadly threats or something.

  • Kait

    wild speculation….

    Orphiel has a hand in it.  His obsession with creating his own ascended (life) and hidden knowledge (aky) are well known, to the Defiant at least.

    • Tal

      Wild speculation is my favourite speculation!

    • Iscelces

      That would fit. Poor Tom in Sanctum frequently talks about how the vigil and the ascended saved the world, but then “The magician” changed the rules and doomed us all. With Omen Sight, we also see that it is Orphiel (from another dimension of course) who is whispering the evil things that make Poor Tom seem crazy. Let’s hope we do see Orphiel ousted from the Defiant and became a target for both sides.

  • Tehauthor

    Maybe we’ll have to travel to their own planes, to weaken them further and end their plans to invade Telara

  • Tom Jaffe Hopkins

    I kinda hope we get a new batch of villains in the next expansion actually. It’d actually really diminish the player characters achievements if these dragons just kept coming back. I mean look what happened when Kael came back in Magisters Terrace?  Do we REALLY want Ayklios flailing his tentacles around whilst screaming. “Hammerknell was only a set back!” 

    As cool as the dragons anything beyond having their spirits making a cameo as servants of Regulos in the final encounter with him, would just be lame,.  I mean, do we really want to just be fighting dragons over and over again?

  • Philbr

    My Tinfoil hat theory is that the Dragons are actually Proxys for the real bloodstorm.  We see in the Guardian Water Saga one of the attempts by the Abyssal to bring back the Water Dragon is to find an approprate lesser God (powerful planar demon) and pump it full of mote, basicly creating an entirely new god of madness.

    I couldnt help but think this may be how the Dragons came into existance in the first place.  The Bloodstorm found likely candidates in the seperate planes and powered them up/possessed them.  Either way it seems Regulos is very please with our work from his comments in RoS.  He seems to suggest we are doing exactly what he wants.

    • Tal

      I haven’t played through the Guardian Water Saga yet but I do remember reading this somewhere which inspired this article a little. Regulos’ reaction within RoS is definately an intriguing one, I am actually planning on touching on that soon :)

  • Anonymous

    Interesting read…. The lore of Rift is getting more and more interesting.

  • ??????????????????

    Wont they come back in plan of death plus all dragons are dead

  • ?????????????????

    by the way all dragons in order of first letter in order of death spells galmrc weird