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Dark Inquisition: Assassin Skill Tree Overview

By on Dec 16, 2011 at 9:00 am, in Column, SideBarArticleList, SWTOR  |  Comments: No comments yet

Assassin Skill Trees

The Sith Assassin is a combat ready Melee DPS, and Tank that has three skill trees that will determine the effectiveness of the Assassin in battle. Like the Sith Sorcerer skill trees that I covered here, the Assassin also has hybrid abilities in each tree.


Darkness is the Assassin’s tanking tree, as many skills will increase defense, or the ability to pull your targets. The darkness tree does also contain some hybrid skills as well. Thrashing Blades is an example of a hybrid skill in this tree, as it affects the damage caused by some of the Assassin’s abilities by 6% when maxed out. Eye of the Storm is a very tank specific skill that increases armor by 20% and allows Spike to be used out of stealth. Wither is the tree’s high tier ability, and causes AoE damage to up to 5 enemies, and decreases their damage as well.


Deception is the first of the Assassin’s two DPS classes, and impacts the Assassin’s melee DPS. Dark Embrace is one of the trees hybrid skills, and it increases Force regeneration by 25% while in and 6 seconds after leaving stealth mode. Crackling Blasts is a DPS ability that will increase the critical damage of Discharge effects and Shock by 50% when maxed out. This tree’s high tier ability is called Voltaic Slash, and is a melee dps that swings twice. The prerequisite for this ability is Low Slash.


Madness is the second of the Assassin’s DPS trees, and impact’s more of the class’s Damage over Time(DoT) and Area of Effect(AoE) abilities. Another interesting thing about the Madness tree is that is shared with the Sorcerer Advanced Class. Sith Defiance is a hybrid skill that reduces all the damage taken by the Assassin by 2% when maxed out. Claws of Decay is a skill that increases the critical damage of Thrash by 50% when maxed out, and would work well for the Deception tree as well. The top tier ability of the Madness tree is called, Creeping Terror. This ability stuns the affected enemy for 2 seconds, and deals damage over 18 seconds.

Assassin skill tree

The Assassin is a trained combat-ready fighter, and will be able to stand against the most worthy of Jedi adversaries.  Next week, a guide of your tour through Korriban and levels 1-10 with the Sith Inquisitor.