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SWTOR Security Key for iPhone

By on Dec 18, 2011 at 9:00 am, in News, SWTOR  |  Comments: 3 comments

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Security Key app has been released for iPhone (expect an Android version run-down soon!), which enables you to add security key authentication to your account. This adds an extra layer of security to your account (so you can avoid being hacked easily) as well as enables you access to an in-game vendor with exclusive options for those with the Security Key enabled on their account.

Activating in 7 Easy Steps

1. Log-in to the SW:TOR site or visit this page to access the Security Key page. If the app is already downloaded, click the “Set it up now!” button on the top-right of the page, top-right above the bounty hunter and Jedi in the photo.

2. If  the requirements are already met (registered account and logged in, and set up security questions), click the third link titled “Set up your security key.”

3. The option to add either Mobile or Physical security keys should be displayed. Set up a Mobile security key.

4. Launch the app on the iPhone. It will ask for the Serial Number. This is the top number on the setup page just clicked to. Enter the number into the iPhone app. Click “OK” at the top-right.

5. Now enter the second number on the setup page into the “Activation code” box. This will be 20 digits. Click “OK” on the top-right of the app when filled in.

6. The app will now go to a string of numbers with a depleting bar. Enter this number into the empty field on the setup page in the Web browser. Click Save in the bottom-left.

7. Congratulations! The Mobile Security Key is now activated. Enjoy the extra security and vendor afforded by this free piece of software!

  • A A

    Waste of time. It’s a game if it gets hacked so what. Delete it and start again. Just more stuff to do before you can even get into the damn thing.

    • TroyDowns

      front door keys? Waste of time, it’s just stuff, if you get robbed so what. Sell your house n start again. Just more stuff to do before you can even get into the damn thing…that’s what you sound like.

  • Bàtman Wàyne

    Does the email I used for my android phone need to be the same I have on the Website? I tried it and there is not option for a Moblile Set Up, just PHysical.