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The End of All Things

By on Dec 26, 2011 at 11:14 am, in Article, Editorial, Lore, RIFT, SideBarArticleList  |  Comments: 1 comment

No matter who you are on Telara you will have felt the impact of Regulos the Destroyer. The dragon of death does not tempt you with wealth, threaten you with endless chaos or seek to subvert your very will. His goal is much more simple and easy to understand although by no means any less terrifying. Regulos wants nothing more than the end of all things.

Regulos is the former leader of the Bloodstorm, the combined forces of the elemental planes that sought to control Telara 1500 years ago. However his brothers and sisters turned on him when their own ambitions for Telara conflicted with his vision of absolute destruction, after all why should Telara and its abundant supply of sourcestone be destroyed when it could simply be controlled? This betrayal caused the schism in the undefeatable alliance and allowed the heroes of old to gain the advantage and imprison the Bloodstorm one by one, eventually leaving Regulos alone. He was cornered and his body destroyed, his very essence banished back to the plane of death in the hopes of ridding Telara of his threat once and for all.

A powerful being like Regulos is not so easily thwarted however. He has been waiting, biding his time and growing in power, setting up the board for his final play on Telara. Slowly but surely he has been moving his pieces into play and building a vast army, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to unleash all hell and finally satisfy his growing hunger to devour Telara and leave nothing behind.

We know that his threat is imminent, the future that we have witnessed is a bleak wasteland filled with the slaves of Regulos and the sun-bleached bones of his enemies. Although our fates have been altered somewhat in the meantime by our recent actions, has it really been enough to halt this vision of the future? We still do not know exactly what cards Regulos is holding and what his final play will be. All we know for certain is that his fate and that of the entire world are very intimately connected.

Regulos is directly responsible for breaking the ward through the use of his puppet Aedraxis. This was the first of many events that has tightened Regulos’ hold over Telara. By doing this he has not only extended his influence on the endless court but now has a mean to effectively move his undead armies in to attack. This fracturing of the ward and the fall of Port Scion, for better or worse, also brought about the age of ascension for the Guardians. In the alternate future however it is shown that Guardian ascension alone was not enough to defeat the devourer and in fact may have even hastened his return when the Guardians sacked Meridian and broke the powerful magitech weapon that may have held him back. Although Defiant ascension has given us new hope, I am not entirely certain that it is enough to change what will become. In fact, I believe with the current state of ascension we may even be unwittingly playing right into Regulos’ plans, bringing about his rise much faster than we had previously believed.

So how is it possible that having an army of ascended could not stop the God of death? Guardian ascension involves the returning of a soul to a deceased body by a member of the Vigil. These souls have passed through the soulstream and return more powerful than they had been previously in life. While all ascended are fighting for the common goal of protecting Telara, their origins suggest that perhaps Regulos has allowed them to escape his grasp for his own purposes, even though they may not be entirely aware of it. It could even be suggested that the Vigil is actually working for Regulos and merely pretending to be messengers of the Gods, guiding us on a path that could eventually lead to our ultimate destruction.

So what use could Regulos possibly have for the ascended? It may sound obvious but we are here to kill the Bloodstorm, it what we have been aiming for all along and definitely gives us the feeling of creating a better Telara for the future. If you stop to think about it however, you realise we are just eliminating the competition. It might just be revenge for the original betrayal that caused Regulos to be broken or is could all be a part of a master plan clearing the way for a much bigger assault. As I have suggested in a previous article, Regulos may even be using us to help him enslave the Bloodstorm in order to bring them back as loyal generals for his armies.

Regulos is a very real threat to everything on Telara, he will stop at nothing to devour everything and leave behind the void he so desires. Is it possible that we will be the force to stop him or are we his unwitting harbingers, advancing our own demise by doing what is “right”? Are we a key component to the plan that brings about the end of all things? Post your thoughts below.

  • Euwin John Atkins

    Love this! .. great post!
    Hopefully We Will Take the Fight To him! :D For TELARA!