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What Shall We Do With a Drunken Satyr?

By on Dec 30, 2011 at 9:31 am, in Article, Lore, RIFT, RIFT Exclusives  |  Comments: 2 comments

I find that people either love Atrophinius for his drunken ways or hate him and wish he would stop talking so they get on with the killing.  The satyr has had a rough journey getting to where he is today, shifting allegiances and even a bad case of death have gotten between him and his precious mead, but now he stands before us, cup of Fae Wassail in hand, a champion of his people. So how did a drunk rise to such prominence within the Fae community and where could this path possibly be leading him?

When we first meet Atrophinius he is enjoying an autumn day within the Realm of the Fae, relaxing in his beer garden, his only concern being when his next drink will arrive. A group of ascended arrive on the scene and he welcomes them to join him in a drink, even going so far as to toast the death of Fae Lord Twyl, the master of the realm after he learns they intend to kill him. Atrophinius only turns on the ascended when he learns that they have killed his best brew-masters and vespid, thus stopping his supply of mead. In his rage he attacks and is eventually overcome by the ascended force, murdered on a carpet of fallen leaves.

Atrophinius’ soul, like all others, passed from this world into the soulstream where it stayed until a dubious sorceress happened upon it. Alsbeth, using her machines within the River of Souls, revived Atrophinius and struck a deal with the satyr. He turned from the plane of life and sided with the forces of death, his thirst for mead replaced with a thirst for blood, only to be sated when he had his revenge.

The satyr accompanied Alsbeth to the Runic Descent, the gardens of the once proud Hammerknell fortress, standing guard amongst the cherry blossom trees that grew there. The corpses off all intruders to the garden were brought to him but the bodies of those he sought could not be found. Atrophinius began to wonder if he would ever have his revenge when finally the ascended that had ended his life arrived in order to stop Alsbeth’s plans. Although much stronger than he had been, blessed with new powers by the sorceress, he fell again to ascended. Atrophinius’ soul returned once more to the soulstream.

Atrophinius remained undisturbed for some time but was eventually drawn from the soulstream once more. This time Shyla Starhearth, the leader of the High Elves and priestess of the Vigil called upon his assistance to help her overcome her former lover and leader of House Aelfwar, Prince Hylas. After some debate Atrophinius agreed to help Shyla in exchange for mead.  The two of them, with the help of some ascended and the Defiant huntress Dacia Ultan managed to finish the prince off, but not before he opened the doors to Greenscale’s prison. It has even been rumoured that these three helped in bringing down the primal dragon god of life.*

This brings us to Atrophinius in the present day. He is shown now to be revered amongst the Fae and somewhat of a leader figure in the fight against Crucia, the wind dragon. With the help of the ascended, Atrophinius and the rest of the Fae have managed to rebuff Crucia’s attack on the plane of life and avoided becoming mindless slaves in her army. The Fae, no longer servants to the bloodstorm are now free to celebrate and the Fae Yule they wished for looks like it is here to stay.

So what could we see from Atrophinius in the future? He has proven to be a capable warrior, demonstrated diplomacy and has the love of his people behind him. Prince Hylas and Fae Lord Twyl have both been defeated, House Aelfwar has collapsed, could Atrophinius possibly be the one to rise to power and become the new leader of the Fae? Perhaps instead of another great evil rising to fill Greenscale’s shoes we could have a more benevolent leader rising to take his place? Wherever his path eventually leads I am certain of one thing, we have not seen the end of Atrophinius.

*I just thought I would clear this bit up, as there are two versions of events for how Greenscale and the lieutenants of  House Aelfwar were defeated and the events here are entirely up for debate until TRION releases some official canon as to what happened. The way I see the story as going is that the Chronicle is the correct version of events up to and including the Prince Hylas fight. After this Shyla, Dacia and Atrophinius are unsuccessful in defeating Greenscale alone and either return with or simply send a group of ascended to finish him off. The only things we know to be facts about the events of Greenscale’s Blight is that Greenscale, Hylas and his lieutenants are all dead and Atrophinius was returned to life.

  • Tom Jaffe Hopkins

    I approve of this drunken goat man as leader of the Fae.

  • Kait