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Magenta Adegan Crystal Revealed!

By on Jan 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm, in Guides, News, SWTOR  |  Comments: 3 comments

Friday Georg Zoeller posted on the official SWTOR forums in response to a person claiming he saw someone with the crystal for sale on his server. He said the crystal has been in game for months (since beta) and he was surprised that no one has openly found it yet. The only clue to the location of the crystal was the number 273.15 and instantly the internet went off in search of the answer to this clue.

Hour later we learned from savvy gamers that Shock Frozen Water was the key to this puzzle. Found by gathering a buff on Tatooine, then traveling to Hoth and climbing a mountain a player could get a single Shock Frozen Water. When taken to Ilum, the player activates the Depleted Adegan Crystal Formation found in the Jedi Ruins outside the Empire Leth Station. Immediately a Force Ghost will spawn which has 250k hit points and ranked as a Champion. Upon defeating the ghost there will be a new crystal formation on the ground. Anyone with the water in their inventory can loot the crystal formation and a single Magenta Adegan Crystal will be placed in their inventory.

So what is next? To get the Artifice Schematic to cut the crystal the group will next travel to Belsavis to the level 50 Heroic area. With at least a small ops group you’ll take down the world boss “The Primal Destroyer” and hope for 1 of 3 different recipes. +33 Crit, +33 Endurance, or +33 Power.

Here’s a straight walk-thru to acquire your own Magenta Adegan Crystal:

First travel to Tatooine to this location and click the Water Vaporizer Panel to gain the Refreshed and Sustained buff.

Next Quick Travel back to the Space Port and travel to Hoth. Empire players can take a speeder to Leth Station and travel directly in front of where it drops them off until the Refreshed and Sustained buff disappears, which is roughly 75% up the mountain. You’ll know you’ve gone too far when you hit the exhaustion zone. In your inventory will be the Pure Shockfrozen Water.

Finally travel to Ilum and gather a few friends to fight the Force Ghost. At Western Jedi Ruins, players will find a Depleted Adegan Crystal Formation, click it and the group will fight the Force Ghost.

Upon killing the Force Ghost a person can loot the new crystal formation on the ground and get your reward, the Magenta Adegan Crystal!

Many thanks to my guild on The Fatman server who spent countless hours sleuthing to help us get these crystals! Good luck to all in your hunt!

  • echidnaguy

    Any chance you could post the link to the original thread?

  • Goblins N Hobbits

    real men tank with pink swords.

  • Harry Felker

    the lvl 50 schems drop in Black Hole area on corellia, off basic mobs