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Shards Consolidating

By on Jan 12, 2012 at 9:24 am, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 18 comments

Many players were surprised by server wide Messages of the Day as they logged into Rift this afternoon. It seems quite a few shards are being closed or turned into Trial Shards. Players on these shards have been directed to suggested shards, or they can choose any of the other shards to migrate to. While there is currently no official word on the forums, based on the in-game MotD here is a breakdown of who is currently expected to move and where. January 18th is the move by date, so now is a good time to get together with friends and guildies to plan your next move!

Transferring Shard: –> Receiving Shard:
Belmont –> Millrush
Galena –> Millrush
Atrophinius –> Greenscale
Crucia –> Greenscale
Alsbeth –> Shatterbone
Estrael –> Faeblight
Shadefallen –> Faeblight
Sunrest(PVP-RP) –> Deepstrike
Freeholme –> Deepstrike
Dayblind –> Deepstrike
Faemist –> Briarcliff

  • Kait

    oh gods… more people going to Faeblight?

    • Feralnub

      wolfsbanes i way more popped than fae. so quit crying. the goal is to have more people to play with so wth

    • Palmer Logan

      I always thought is was Gayblight!

  • Emnalyeriar

    What about EU shards?

  • Aontherlarper

    So all the crappy people we went to Faeblight to get away from are coming.  Further – that’s the only option now for RP servers…

    Thanks Trion…now we have no way to escape the griefers and d-bags, they all know where to go and there’s nothing we can do about them.

    • None

       QQ ya fraking NERD!

    • ggff

      please post your guild and character names so that we can grief them more easily.  thanks…

    • Lady Gothika

      I hear you about the griefers ….people just like ggff….obviously sorry to say due to asking your guild name etc…sadly some people just have nothing better to do then bully and torment others, keep your head held high! Try to ignore people like that, the ones that act like they belong in a elementary school playground lol Some people are just not raised properly lol

  • Kevin Watson

    Not only have we lost all RP server options outside of Faeblight,  Deepstrike has recently been labeled an Oceanic server!  

    Our guild moved from Sunrest to Deepstrike weeks ago because of Sunrest’s decline,  Just this week, we left Deepstrike because we saw Trion label it Oceanic, and we were noticing that population trends on the server left us playing in a ghost town quite often.

    Trion, I want my PvP-RP server back!

  • Hateroundeye

    How about getting rid of free transfers alltogether? Seems like tha shards are fucked because of this.

  • Aramid

    There are griefers on every server, no matter what. I think that Faeblight being the only RP server will increase the number of RPers we encounter in the world. This way, those that can’t stand it will leave. It’s like Trion has banded us together, and that’s fine with me.

    What I don’t like is the fact that they got rid of the PvP-RP servers. If you really want RP immersion, you’ll want to be able to be mysteriously attacked in the world by the opposite faction. I know, I know…you -can- turn on your PvP flag…The issue with that is on a PvE server, those that turn on their flag are 99% of the time PvP buffs and very experienced. What if I want to be able to run into and kill/be killed by everyone, not just eat dirt everytime because the only ones PvPing are the ones that have the skills to win every time? Something to think about.

    Perhaps, before freaking out that server populations are too low and consolidating, they should have waited for the game to gain more popularity and recognition. If they would have held their horses, perhaps those of us that would like to be part of a PvP server could have been.

  • Rodmodius

    First off Rift PvP can suck a fatty….it is way too gear based and not enough skill based…if ur gonna make pvp gear based u need to have 2-3 different branches for Prestige Ranks….this will make the PvP much more fun…noone wants to PvP knowing the r just going to get rick rolled by some scrub who barely made it to R8 now and now they thing they r good cuz they can crit big on someone and they cant hardly get hit….FIX THIS SHIT ASAP losing alot of people to play with because of this

  • Wehateroundeye

    Lol, so says the shitty pvper. Ever notice it’s the people who stuggle the most that cry the loudest?

    • Rodmodius

      lol im a R8 and im a healer i have no issues lol but its no fun winning everytime….its called having fun…its just like everyone who like sports games that are down to the wire pvp shud be the same

    • Lotharlocnar

      I believe that there needs to be a way to voice ones opinion/thoughts to the masses where individuals as Disincarnate cannot and will not devalue them.

      Seems another way to say what he did is- Ever notice that when somethings broke people need, they have reason to fix it? It’s funny though when it’s not broke people don’t struggle or cry at all.

      I know it’s an odd occurrence that people voice problems in hopes others that feel the same might help the situation.

  • Disincarnate

    I personally would like to the the dismantling of free shard transfers or at least a longer time inbetween transfers. A month seems befitting, I address this solely because as a player and albeit the ability to transfer can be a handy utility, I feel it destroys a sense of loyalty and commitment to guilds and current shard. By eliminating this or extending the time, it would allow for stronger guild bonds to be created amongst the player base and it will also make individuals aware of their personal shard reputation. Thus creating a stronger balance between each shard instead of this flip-flopping. I relly enjoy this game and see great potential for it, however this free transfer business I see as a looming problem and something that can ulitmately ruin this game.

    • Rodmodius

      i agree but for those that are being consolidated…its nice to be able to xffer for free to find a more accommodating shard…other than that i agree

  • EchoMoon

    Lot’s of games do this…AION was one! Only they waited way to long!!! TG!:)….RIFT listens to it’s players for the most part,lol!:) Alot of what they are going to do will depend on the Faction rate on the shards they are breaking down…to be able to keep an even balance between Diafinat & Guardian. I sure wouldn’t want that job!lol!!