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Elrar on PVP Changes – New Ranks and More!

By on Jan 16, 2012 at 12:00 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 16 comments

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

Hi All,

With Update 1.7 RIFT is undergoing some serious changes to the way prestige works and how you earn rewards through PvP.

We outlined these changes in an earlier post – but now that you’ve had a chance to check them out on PTS for yourself we wanted to post more expansive details and get your feedback directly.

In a nutshell here’s what PvP Progression looks like in Update 1.7:

– Prestige Ranks: Increased prestige ranks from 8 to 40! The time to hit max rank is still roughly the same but we’ve changed benefits from earning prestige rank. Existing ranks will be converted to the appropriate rank on the updated scale – on top of that each rank also grants a large amount of Planar Attunement experience.

Here’s how it breaks down into the new ranks:

Rank 1 = Ranks 1-3
Rank 2 = Ranks 3-7
Rank 3 = Ranks 7-12
Rank 4 = Ranks 12-20
Rank 5 = Ranks 20-25
Rank 6 = Ranks 25-31
Rank 7 = Ranks 31-38
Rank 8 = Rank 38

Everyone will need to earn Ranks 39 & 40.

– Gear: All level 45+ items prior to Hammerknell/Rank 8 are receiving an upgrade in stats. The idea is to make the jump in power more consistent and less top-heavy. In addition you’ll find that many of the PvP merchant items that required a certain prestige rank no longer do. While this does include armor sets, weapons and synergy crystals will still require you to be of a certain rank to use. I should also note that synergy crystals have had their notoriety requirements lowered as well.
Going forward, there will only be 3 available sets of PvP Gear for the post 50 game. As new sets are introduced, the lowest set will be retired. We feel that it creates a more balanced playing field for all participants (specially with Bolstering being added).
The largest improvement to the PVP Set gear is the addition of Vengeance.
Vengeance is not a Bolstered stat, so once you have your full set of gear you’ll have a considerable edge against those who are purely Bolstered.

– Customization: PvP Souls have been removed freeing you from having to decide whether or not to incorporate it in your spec. Many of the most used benefits and abilities have been moved to their own PvP Planar Attunement tree. You’ll also be able to spend Favor to purchase Reinforced Crystallized Insight which grants 100,000 Planar Attunement Experience!

– Bolstering: Those who join Warfronts under Rank 13 will find that their stats have been boosted to allow for more competitive play. Bolstering will adjust most of your core stats, including Valor. Once you have reach rank 13 you should have the appropriate amount of Favor to purchase a full set.

– Quality of Life: We’re continuing to tweak the logistics around Matched Warfronts, and are adding additional ranges to ensure that even more of these fire off then before. We’ve also made the popular “Break Free” ability available to all characters at level 1 – you can find it under the General Abilities tab. As you also may have noticed we just recently increased XP earned from PvP and we’re looking to do the same for cash drops as well.

We realize this is a lot to take in all at once – and no doubt you’ve got some questions, maybe lots!

First, it’s important to understand why we’re making these changes. Our primary focus is to ensure that PvP offers a fun, competitive challenge for anyone who participates . Currently, with the way the gear sets were configured, this is a difficult thing to achieve – by reducing the gap between items you should see gear playing a smaller role in your success (and others) on the battlefield.

It’s a similar reason for changing prestige and the item requirements. By increasing the number of ranks to 40 (but without increasing the actual time to hit max rank) we’ve made it so that you increase in power more gradually but with a higher frequency allowing for even growth from top to bottom. It’s also important to remember you’ll now be earning an entire Planar Attunement level each time you earn a rank – that means 39 additional PA levels your character can earn straight from PvP!

As I mentioned we’ve also removed most of prestige rank requirements from PvP gear with the exception of weapons and synergy crystals. Once again this helps smooth out the progression curve by requiring that you simply earn the favor needed to purchase all of the sets (you still need the previous set to buy the next one) and items.

Possibly the biggest part of this overhaul is removal of the PvP Souls and the introduction of the Planar Attunement path of War (thus what the 39 bonus PA levels can be used for!) to give you more options and rewards to work towards. The main factor for this change was choice – through our own experiences and yours we came to understand the frustration that can arise from having to choose between your standard souls or pursuing benefits in your PvP one. It was too restrictive and felt more like a hindrance at times than a help. Freeing PvP advancement from the soul system enables new ways to customize your character while at the same time actually expanding the choices you can make!

We’ve now set ourselves up to offer a deeper and more rewarding PvP progression. It’s going to take some getting used to but to make it easier here’s a full rundown of all the benefits you can take advantage of:

– More frequent and consistent rewards overall. Whether it’s gear, abilities, or Planar Attunement you have multiple ways to benefit from PvP!

– With Bolster and improvements to the way items scale battles should be more competitive! If you’re just getting started in PvP you’ll be able to wear whatever gear you can get your hands on while being able to compete with more hardened veterans.

– The prestige rank overhaul brings with it a couple of new perks:
39 new Planar Attunement levels, one for each starting with Rank 2!
New costume sets to earn. If you really enjoyed the look of a previous set you don’t have to grind out a second set anymore!
– Armor no longer requires you to wait until you’ve earned a specific rank meaning you can purchase your sets as soon as you have enough favor. Furthermore we’ll ensure that all of the sets available are competitive with the current game, even if that means retiring old ones when new sets are added.

– Play whatever soul combination you want! With PvP perks moving to the Attunement of War tree the power is in your hands to reach a whole new level of customization!

There you have it – all of the awesome we’re compressing into PvP for Update 1.7. These changes give us a great foundation for future growth and your feedback is an important part of the direction we take. It’s clear to see how nearly everyone benefits with these changes improving the competitiveness of PvP and increasing the rewards and options you have available.

Update 1.7 is a big step forward for RIFT and we invite all of you to be a part of its development – we look forward to your feedback!

  • PvPer

    1) In general, this is carebear baby bullshit. 
    2) The people, like me, who have been R8 (or have multiple R8’s) for a long, long time get pushed up to 38, not 40?  Everyone has to gain the last two?  Small gripe, but that’s retarded. 

    • Bizar

      Why is it retarded? If they are introducing new gear with it (I think they mentioned new synergy crystals?) then why should it just be handed to you?

      • PvPer

        The GEAR shouldn’t be handed to us, we should have to buy it.  But all existing R8’s should be pushed to 40, not 38.  It doesn’t make sense.  Like I said, a small gripe, but still stupid. 

        • Ethan Bendler

          I think it would be kinda silly for most of pvpers to be rank 40 the day this patch is launched.

          • Eric Piercey

            Agree, and I’d think it would be cool to have something new to strive for if you’d been at R8 for along time. I get that the current R8s are irritated that they got their faces pounded in until they were R6+ and now that’s compounded by the idea they might not get to faceroll the upcoming folks like they were.  But… new things to think about and learn keep the game fresh, and you know the number geeks are already hard at work trying to squeeze every micron of performance from whatever intel they’re gathering from the test server. 

          • Wick220

            That’s EXACTLY what it is.  The R8’s now won’t be able to just roll over anyone they want, they’ll actually have to use skill. 

          • Why

            Can’t say I agree. 

        • Kait

          new rank 40 = old rank 9.

          are you rank 9? no? then you don’t get r40 handed to you.

          • Manbearpig

            That WOULD make sense….if there were an old Rank 9.  Which there isn’t.  Good try, though. 

          • Kait

            exactly my point.  They are adding *higher* ranks, a “rank 9″ if you will, that current rank 8 players do not qualify for as of yet.

          • Roflwaffle

            I see your point, but at the same time, it isn’t the equivalent of a full new rank based on the old system.  If it were, it would be somewhere around rank 43 in the new system and would include a whole new set of gear, etc. 

        • Carlos Herrera

          so if they max the lvl cap, all 50 should get the max lvl too? 

        • Carlos Herrera

          so if they max the lvl cap, all 50 should get the max lvl too? 

  • AngryRussian

    I agree truly, they are indeed making the game easier, which is not desired for alot of people, generally those who put the effort forward to get to R8, these changes are also not really anything special, tthe rank changes in general, all theyve essentialy done is given each rank a differant symbol for them, R8 is no longer R8, R8 is now rank38 and so on for the other ranks, its the same grind but it feels shorter because theres more ranks. As well, the biggest issue i find with rift, the reason ive stopped playing and im sure alot of other have as well is inscribed sourcestones. Whenever they release new content its always a riduclous investment i need to put in to get the new “core’ so i can actually stand up to these bosses even though im walking around in HK four set, Its ridiclously tedious and doesnt need to be around

  • Logicalpenguin

    I like the changes, I don’t understand what people mean when they say easier.. because it were never hard to PvP. It were just a bother, cause you had to be a deadweight for your team while grinding to rank8 rather than actually playinga  competitive game. Also please, explain to me which part of grinding is hard.. it’s just boring as hell.

  • Kingaslan06

    game sucks ass rift is worst mmorpg to date