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Level 50 Dailies: Belsavis – Republic Side

By on Jan 22, 2012 at 2:00 pm, in Article, Featured Article, Guides, SWTOR  |  Comments: 6 comments

Ah, dailies. Both the bane and boon of the fresh 50. You’ll come away from dailies with two main things: boatloads of cash and daily commendations. These are both vital to the fresh 50 gearing process, as there is a surprising amount of easily purchased gear from the GTN that will put you in a great position for hard mode flashpoints.

In order to start the daily quests there’s one thing you need to do: complete your class quest on Corellia. Once you finish your class quest you’ll be directed towards Ilum with a quest called “The Crystal Ball”. In addition, there will be an NPC on the fleet who will direct you towards Belsavis. You don’t need to be 50 to get either quest (I recommend starting them at 49.5, as you’ll unlock all your dailies when you hit 50).

Thus far there are only PVE dailies on Belsavis and Ilum. There may be more down the line, but for now this is all we get, and trust me…it’s plenty. For this first post, I’ll be giving you a guide to completing all the Belsavis daily quests. Expect to spend about an hour on the entire set, less if you happen to have stealth skills at your disposal.


The Belsavis bonus series at 49-50 leads you here. As you complete the chain, you unlock the dailies. The dailies themselves follow the same progression as the unlocks, so you’ll do the first three, then move on to the next one, before moving on to the final set, each set unlocking as you finish the one before it.

Each normal quest gives ~7700 credits and 1 Daily Commendation. The heroic quests give ~10000 credits and 3 Daily Commendations in addition to other rewards, which I will detail below. For a complete clear you’ll get 17 Daily Commendations and ~92000 credits in addition to 1 Artifact level Mod, 1 Artifact level Armoring, and either an Orange level 50 Companion weapon or a level 50 Blue item box.

There are a wide range of Bonus Quests that you’ll encounter. Completing them at 50 earns you nothing other than Legacy experience. If that’s your thing, go nuts, otherwise feel free to skip them.


A note regarding the first set of quests: there are three quests, but it seems that you can only have two in your log at a time. I recommend picking up Restraining the Darkness and Strengthening the Chain first, returning to turn them in, and then completing Emergent Medicine, as it sends you to the next hub.

Restraining the Darkness

The first quest you’ll face is pretty basic. Kill Imperials, loot drops. The important thing here is to watch out for the various pathing strong Sith mobs, as they WILL mess your face up hard with Force Storm. The packs of four weak enemies are your best bet here.

After you get the 4 Ancient Devices, you have to wander to a nearby shuttle, place a bomb on the door, and blow it to pieces.

Stealth class pro-tip: Once you get your kills, feel free to sneak over to the shuttle and skip the packs. If you’re questing in a group, it only takes one person activating the door to get credit for the whole team.

Strengthening the Chain

This time you’re just killing three Strong mobs. You’ll find that they come in a pack of 1 Leader and 1 Weak mob, which you should be able to handle by now. There is a bugged pack that will constantly evade so avoid that if possible. The respawn timer on these guys is terrible, so if other people are questing expect to wait quite a while. Group up with nearby players if possible. Don’t be THAT guy. You know what guy I’m talking about.


Emergent Medicine

Another drop quest, but this time you’re killing poisonous monsters to harvest their precious, precious glands. The Rift Lurkers that congregate in the marked area below are your best bet. Expect to see 1 or 2 glands per kill, but be ready to kill 4-5 without a single drop. It’s a fickle mistress, this drop rate.

Groups, watch out. The glands are NOT a shared drop, so expect to be here for a while.

A Lesson is Learned – Heroic 2+

Completing Emergent Medicine will funnel you to a second location where there are two heroic quests for you.

In essence, it’s a kill everything and click on things quest that occurs in a nearby instance. The pulls are easy to handle with a group of two, especially if one of you is a healer. There are two types of pulls – 1 Elite and 3 Strongs or 1 Champion. I’ve had the best success by sending a tank to keep the Elite busy while we kill the Strongs. The first Champion mob you encounter has a nasty stacking DoT and has a tendency to knock the tank into a nearby pack, so it’s a good idea to pull them back or use a Harpoon Shot type ability.

Once you clear all the packs, make sure to click on the scientists and ammo boxes before you head back to claim your reward. In addition to 3 Daily Commendations, this quest gives you a level 50 Artifact level Mod of your choosing from a variety based on your class.

Solo tip: If you have a CC ability you can actually solo this quest with a bit of work. CC the Elite on each pull and quickly burn down the two Strongs. Once the Strongs are dead, the Elite is soloable as long as your companion and you are at full strength. Don’t be too worried about the Champions either. They have a lot of health, but as long as you can cleanse the stacking DoT of the first one, you’ll be fine. As per usual, using a healing companion if you’re a DPS or Tank class (or a Tank companion if you’re a healer) is practically a requirement.

The other quest, Open Communication, sends you to the next area and set of dailies.


The next daily quest is picked up right outside the passageway to the snowy area of Belsavis the previous quests sends you to.


For this quest, you have to kill 15 mobs and rescue 4 troopers. Troopers will be guarded by a pack and are counted as “rescued” once you clear the pack guarding them. Once you enter the cave, you’ll find the mobs come in two different flavors: 3 Weaks or 1 Strong and 1 Weak. The first few pulls down the hallway lack troopers, but in order to get the 15 kills you’ll have to do a few pulls beyond the 4 trooper rescues. Once you hit the intersection, go left to find 2-3 trooper pulls that will net you the majority of your rescues.

Open Communication – Heroic 4

Make sure to grab the quest (The Stasis Generator) from the panel right outside of this quest, as you’ll be doing both at the same time.

In order to complete this quest, you have to clear through a variety of Strong and Elite packs until you come upon the corpse of a rogue droid. Clicking on it will give you (and your party) the passkey that you need to take to the next quest hub to complete the quest. Once you get the passkey, three Weak mobs will spawn and automatically attack you. If you’ve made it this far, you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

Stealth pro-tip: You can easily sneak all the way down to the robot and loot the item by your lonesome. Make sure to use Sneak or Blackout with any particularly tight packs.

The Stasis Generator

The only REAL Heroic 4 quest of all of them, this quest has the potential to be incredibly annoying and not worth the effort. With a party, the entire quest is pretty straightforward. Clear all the packs, blow up the four shield generators (each guarded by a meat shield Champion) and then destroy the stasis generator in the middle of the room. The final Champion, Walking Tall, is surprisingly challenging for a Heroic 4 boss, requiring constant interrupts. His Heat Ray ability, a channeled beam of pure hate, needs to be stopped immediately, otherwise it’ll eat the tank alive.

Stealth pro-tip: You can solo this quest. You can also get your party credit without having to kill a single mob.

Zone in. If you’re with a party, have them stand next to the exit. As long as they’re inside the green field, they’ll get credit for everything you do. Once they’re inside, proceed towards the first shield generator. You’ll be blowing up 4 of them using your sneaky ways. They’re in the four corners of the main hallway, each guarded by a Champion level mob. What you’re going to do is sneak behind each mob and activate the panel, blowing it up. Having a tanking companion to take the heat off you for the ~10sec it takes for each panel helps a lot.

Once you blow up the first panel, don’t blow your re-stealth cooldown just yet! Instead, hug the inner wall and attempt to walk around the trash pack in the middle of the hallway. From there, make a beeline towards the generator opposite the one you just detonated. Having a cleanse helps immensely here, as the middle pack will start to slow you when you aggro them (it’ll happen, trust me.) Pop all your defensive cooldowns (as a Scoundrel I find Dodge to be invaluable here) and blow up the second generator.

Then die. Yep, you’ll be dying twice to get this accomplished. If you’re in a party, all the mobs will run for your friends. Simply have them zone out to reset the pack.

Once you pop back up with your medical probe, sneak to a safe spot and repeat the process for the opposite side of the hallway.

After all 4 shield generators have been blown up and the middle Stasis Generator is vulnerable, simply stealth over to it and activate it. I like to use my Vanish-type ability here, but sometimes I get lucky and can make it to the exit on foot before dying. If you do choose to Vanish here, make sure that neither you nor your companion has a DoT on them, as it will pop them out of stealth immediately.

There you go, you’ve just solo’d a Heroic 4 quest. I don’t expect this to last long, as being able to do this seems too easy to be true, but until then enjoy the rewards. You turn it in right outside the room, earning you 3 Daily Commendations and a level 50 Artifact level Armoring of your choice.


The first three quests of the third set are picked up in the little temple near the passageway you enter from. The fourth is picked up along the way.

The quests are all along the outside wall of the giant open area, so you can go from one to the next in a big circle and not miss a thing.

Prison Repairs

Wander down into the area, kill 15 guys, and interact with a console. Overall a pretty easy quest, as you get the 15 kills  as long as you move in a direct route from the entrance to the console on your map. There is a patrolling Strong in the first hallway that might wander into your fight, so pay attention for that.

Unheard Frequencies

Seriously, doesn’t get much easier than this one. Go in, kill a bunch of droids, and loot 5 Memory Cores. If you’re lucky, you can get it done in about 5 minutes.

Pro-tip: the two packs of three right outside the cave also have a chance to drop the Memory Cores!

Sleeping Rakata

This is the most annoying of all the Dailies, mostly due to the level of work involved. For this quest, you’ll just be clicking on something, then killing an elite. The problem is GETTING to the thing. You go into a cave and fight reskinned Flesh Raiders for a bit, working towards the back of it. Be careful about Strong patrols, as there are quite a few. Near the back you’ll encounter an Elite guarding a chamber. Be very careful, as a patrolling Strong can very easily add and kill you, so make sure you either pull the Elite into the room or kill the patrol first.

The three Weaks will go hostile when you approach, so make sure you’re healthy enough after fighting the Elite to take them on. Once you click on the strange obelisk, you’ll be whisked away to the Matrix…er…mind of the Rakata elder, where you’ll have a short conversation before he tries to kill you. Make sure to interrupt his channeled strikes, as they’ll quickly smash you and your companion at the same time.

Containing the Beast

You pick this quest up on your route around the outside edge of the Belsavis daily area. It’s hard to miss, but check the shot below if you can’t find it.

The quest sends you to pick up some welding tools first, which are close by in a small camp area.

Once you get the tools, you have to go through a small room filled with a variety of enemies ranging from Elite to Weak. With patience you can crawl by the Elite. Once you go through the instance portal, you’ll find yourself at a broken door. There are three broken yellow circles on the door that must be clicked as they activate.

If you take your time, he does burst out. He perma-stuns your companions, so bring at least 3 people to take him down, including a healer and a tank. He hits like a truck but goes down relatively quickly. He drops a random piece of gear and the quest giver expresses his astonishment at your craziness (or stupidity.)

Turn the quest in at the datapad you picked it up from.

Once you turn in all your quests, it’s time to head to Ilum for your second set of dailies and even more Daily Commendations!

  • Suro

    Really solid guide, with a really bad image at the top. “Dalies” is not “Dailies” ;)

    • JasonDodge

      It’s what I get for making the graphic right before I head out to watch the Giants game.


    • Bored

      no… its DAILIES, like Daily but pluralized…

      dai·ly  (dl)adj.1. Of or occurring during the day.
      2. Happening or done every day: the physician’s daily rounds.
      3. Computed or assessed for each day: a daily record.
      4. Everyday: casual clothes only for daily use.adv.1. Every day: Exercise daily.
      2. Once a day: Wind the clock daily.n. pl. dai·lies1. A newspaper published every day or every weekday.
      2. dailies The first, unedited print of movie film usually viewed after a day’s shooting; the rushes.

      • Bored


  • Buraczkis

    First set of quests: Take Emergent Medicine first, then other two – you can have three at once.
     Do Restraining, then follow to Strenghtening – if someone killed the leaders, go and get glands, then return – hopefully leaders will respawn :)

  • Alexander Rodenburg

    a problem i had finding it was that the “npc” is actually a terminal, this is something i ran into on many guides.
    you have to pick up the quest called Quarantine Failure which takes you on the way to getting started on them.
    maybe it changed since publication?