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Currency Overload: Where to Invest Your Riches in Patch 1.7

By on Jan 26, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT, RIFT Exclusives, SideBarArticleList  |  Comments: 13 comments

Platinum. Planarite. Inscribed Sourcestones. Plaques. Marks. Greater Marks. Special Event Currency…

Rift has a boggling number of currencies — far more than I have ever seen in any game, MMO or otherwise — and up until this point, each has had a serious flaw. At a certain point, each becomes mostly obsolete, continuing to accumulate, but with little, if anything, left to buy with it.

With the Rift 1.7 patch on the horizon though, it looks like Trion is finally beginning to address this problem. In the most recent PTS Set (#2), Trion has added new sinks for almost every currency. Those thousands of expert dungeon plaques you had saved up, or the hundreds of raid marks that sat in your vault collecting virtual dust can now be traded in for planar attunement xp. This is a perfect sink. The gains from PA levels are extremely incremental, but desirable enough to be worth something, and it will remain something that players will continue to be able to benefit by purchasing for a long time to come. [If you are interested, current exchange rates on the PTS are included at the bottom of this article.]

There remains one glaring exception, however: Platinum. Sure, there are plenty of fixed, one time gold sinks. Mounts of all shapes and sizes to suit your fancy abound across Telara. You can also buy extra role slots, which certainly have a drastic effect on your character’s overall versatility in the game, and 1.7 is even bringing a sixth slot for purchase — thank Thedeor! Still, there comes a point when there’s just not much left to purchase and the pile of platinum starts to grow ever larger, daily by daily.

While I find it mildly entertaining to marvel at the new record amount of platinum in my bank whenever I reach a new milestone of a thousand, it highlights a problem. Despite the fact that my character has attained a great deal of wealth, there’s really not much benefit to it. There are only so many consumables to buy — and basically all of those are from other players.

The result? Buying power among the player base continues to steadily rise without plateau, and platinum as a resource continues to dwindle in value. Yes, we can trade it in higher quantities amongst ourselves, but there just isn’t enough sinks taking money out of the economy compared to the rate at which it is being added. Ember Island only exacerbated this dilemma by taking quest rewards up to a whole new level.

What we need is a new currency sink for platinum — something more than a one time, fixed cost like an extra role slot. While the notion of being able to buy experience with a resource that is tradable might not be palatable, there are plenty of other options. More powerful potion/weaponstone recipes that require expensive vendor bought components, for instance, would be an excellent solution, but it wouldn’t necessarily have to be something that increased a character’s power. Consumable vanity items that turn your character into this or that, make weapons sparkle, temporarily increase mounted speed, or just otherwise did something “cool” would probably fly off their digital shelves, so to speak. And who wouldn’t plunk down a chunk of change on some experience booting vials, even if they weren’t quite as good as the veteran reward vials?

Bottom line is we need something to do with our gold. But, that’s just one dwarf’s opinion. In the meantime, I guess I will go admire my ever growing hoard. Hey, ladies, do you think this massive pile of coin brings out the sparkle in my eyes?


These are the new currency exchange rates currently on PTS in Set #2, so they are, of course, subject to change before going live.

Currency Reward Available From
Planarite x12,000 Pure Crystallized Insight (50k exp) Planar Voucher Vendor
Inscribed Sourcestones x20 Eternal Crystallized Insight (100k exp) Planar Voucher Vendor
Expert Plaques x30 Eternal Crystallized Insight (100k exp) Consecrated Relics Vendor
Marks of Ascension x6 Eternal Crystallized Insight (100k exp) Major Relic Vendor
Artisan Marks x500 Master Craftman’s Mark Specialty Crafting Goods Vendor
Favor x15,000 Reinforced Crystallized Insight (100k exp) Girdoom in Meridian
or Templar Zim in Sanctum

  • bsw

    Houses and guild halls would be excellent plat sinks.

    • Kait

      and likely require a total reprogramming of the database and backend of the game….

      • Ceric

        Wouldn’t think so for guild halls or housing. Might require some new fields, but not likely to require reprogramming of existing fields. Think of it more as PvP…tacked on instead of integrated.

      • Ceric

        Wouldn’t think so for guild halls or housing. Might require some new fields, but not likely to require reprogramming of existing fields. Think of it more as PvP…tacked on instead of integrated.

      • nope

        Oh! Someone thinks they know something about programming, watch out!

        • Kait

          well, seeing as how *I* actually make MMO’s for a living, yeah, I think I do.

          • Anonymous

            Couldn’t they make it work in instances on or a different continent much like flying mounts were only accessible in the Outlands in TBC in WoW?

          • Kait

            the issue isn’t the “location” of the housing, it’s the “what you do there”.

            If all you want is a static house, with fixed furniture that can never be changed or moved, then yes, it is as easy as making a new 5-man (likely easier as there would be no scripting for the mobs).

            the problem comes in when players want to be able to move that chair from the middle of the wall to the corner, or to be able to buy a new painting for that wall, or change the carpet from blue to green.  Now all of a sudden you have to store these location and colour variables, you need stats on items that store if it is a “placeable” item or not, who has moving/looting rights, you have to display in the UI if an item is placeable or not, and every single function that points to items now needs to be able to handle those stats.  You also need to update the code that tells the renderer what to do so that it knows where to render these new items.  You may even have to go in and update every crafting recipe already in game to add “can’t_be_placed” to all your armor so that you don’t end up being able to plunk a Nimble Deathbringer on your coffee table (then do it for Brutal Deathbringer, Blessed Deathbringer….).

            Saying “just add a few lines to the database” is all well and good, if you are playing SQL Online… but when you start having code call to that database you have to start touching every function that makes use of that table to ensure it is compatible with the new stats.

          • Ningirsu


      • Ningirsu


  • Nadili

    We were talking about plat sinks in guild the other day ever put a essence in and wish you could get it back, charge me for it.  Regent that would safely remove a essence would be great this goes back to LDoN in EQ1 they were early runes but same concept buy a regent to safely remove them.  I would gladly pay 10, 20 plat for something like this.

  • Vrichardson2551

    Lol – what about those that don’t have endless amounts of crap? You know people that have to work for a living + real life and can’t be on 18 hrs a day. Maybe make the expert marks be tradeable for t1 raid plaques. Running t’2 is easy but finding the time to stop your life for 3-4 hrs a night to raid is tougher for some people.

  • Anonymous

    Theres the new PA reset, and maybe they can allow us to have a PA per role? idk.
    Alot of us don’t have time like Vrichardson said. I have never made it up to or over 100 plat other then the time I was hacked and the guy put my dust on the AH. I was bummed but happy cause I could finally get my epic mount.