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Mandalorian Raiders – Loot List

By on Feb 4, 2012 at 1:38 pm, in Article, Guides, SideBarArticleList, SWTOR  |  Comments: No comments yet

The following loot list is for normal mode Mandalorian Raiders. All bosses are listed in the order of occurrence. Trash drops are at the end.

Loot lists are currently a work in progress. If you notice anything that needs a correction or addition, please feel free to leave a comment.

Note: The more time I spend compiling these loot lists, the more convinced I am that some of the drops originally recorded during beta have been taken out of the loot tables. For now, the items are listed as “Unverified.” If you have seen them drop, please let me know from where, and I’ll gladly update the list.

Boss 1: Braxx the Bloodhound –

[Clan Varad Recon Greaves]
[Robe of Dark Delirium]
[Headgear of Invigorating War]
[Clan Varad Watcher’s Jacket]
[Clan Varad Recon Greaves]
[Blademaster’s Clan Varad Boots]

Boss 2: Boarding Party –

[Blademaster’s Clan Varad Greaves]
[Lower Robe of Dark Delirium]
[Clan Varad Watcher’s Headgear]
[Clan Varad Recon Boots]
[Boots of Invigorating War]

Boss 3: Mavrix Varad –

[Gloves of Dark Delirium]
[Double-Saber of Unyielding Battle]
[Blademaster’s Clan Varad Body Armor]
[Tunic of Invigorating War]
[Lightsaber of Dark Delirium]
[Clan Varad Dread Militia Rifle]
[Clan Varad Deadly Holdout]
[Clan Varad Recon Body Armor]
[Clan Varad Elite Marksman Sniper]
[Clan Varad Fusion-X Autocannon]
[Clan Varad Recon Blaster Rifle]
[Headgear of Dark Delirium]
[Clan Varad Watcher’s Gloves]
[Lightsaber of Martial Brilliance]
[Clan Varad Scoundrel’s Blaster Pistol]

Trash Drops –

[Implant of Visceral Combat]
[Clan Varad Deflector Generator]
[Force Seer’s Clan Varad Earpiece]
[Earpiece of Visceral Combat]
[Force Seer’s Clan Varad Focus]
[Force Seer’s Clan Varad Implant]
[Clan Varad Double-action Scatterblaster]
[Clan Varad Guerrilla’s Implant]
[Clan Varad Keen Soldier’s Knife]
[Clan Varad Bastion Generator]
[Clan Varad Watcher’s Earpiece]
[Clan Varad Watcher’s Implant]
[Boots of Dark Delirium]

Unverified –

[Gloves of Invigorating War]
[Leggings of Invigorating War]
[Clan Varad Recon Gauntlets]
[Blademaster’s Clan Varad Gauntlets]
[Blademaster’s Clan Varad Headgear]
[Clan Varad Recon Headgear]
[Clan Varad Watcher’s Pants]
[Clan Varad Watcher’s Boots]