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The Streets of Cademimu – Loot List

By on Feb 10, 2012 at 4:04 am, in Article, Guides, SideBarArticleList, SWTOR  |  Comments: 2 comments

The following loot list is for normal mode Streets of Cademimu, which is a flashpoint for levels 27-31. All bosses are listed in the order of occurrence. Trash drops are at the end.

Loot lists are currently a work in progress. If you notice anything that needs a correction or addition, please feel free to leave a comment.

Note: The more time I spend compiling these loot lists, the more convinced I am that some of the drops originally recorded during beta have been taken out of the loot tables. For now, the items are listed as “Unverified.” If you have seen them drop, please let me know from where, and I’ll gladly update the list.

Boss 1: Officer Xander –

[Battlerager’s Gloves]
[Cademimu Sharpshooter’s Pants]
[Foeseeker’s Headgear]
[Cademimu Ranger’s Body Armor]
[Earpiece of Volatile Force]
[Focus of Volatile Force]

Boss 2: Captain Grimyk –

[Foeseeker’s Gauntlets]
[Robe of Volatile Force]
[Saberstaff of Battle Judgment]
[Battlerager’s Leggings]
[Cademimu Ranger’s Headgear]
[Cademimu Sharpshooter’s Boots]
[Cademimu Battler’s Implant]
[Cademimu Battler’s Implant]

Boss 3: General Ortol –

[Cademimu Marksman Eliminator]
[Battlerager’s Tunic]
[Headgear of Volatile Force]
[Cademimu Ranger’s Greaves]
[Foeseeker’s Body Armor]
[Lightsaber of Volatile Force]
[Lightsaber of Stratagem Battle]
[Cademimu Sharpshooter’s Jacket]
[Cademimu Trusty Holdout]
[Cademimu Ranger’s Blaster Rifle]
[Cademimu Plasma Autocannon]
[Cademimu Spec Ops Blaster Pistol]
[Cademimu Rifle of Tactical Mastery]
[Cademimu Razor-sharp Survival Knife]
[Cademimu Bastion Generator]
[Cademimu Double-action Scattergun]

Trash Drops –

[Foeseeker’s Greaves]
[Cademimu Ranger’s Boots]
[Cademimu Sharpshooter’s Headgear]
[Lower Robe of Volatile Force]
[Implant of Volatile Force]
[Cademimu Ranger’s Earpiece]
[Cademimu Deflector Generator]
[Cademimu Battler’s Earpiece]
[Cademimu Ranger’s Implant]
[Cademimu Sharpshooter’s Earpiece]
[Cademimu Sharpshooter’s Implant]

Unverified –

[Cademimu Ranger’s Gauntlets]
[Battlerager’s Boots]
[Battlerager’s Headgear]
[Gloves of Volatile Force]
[Boots of Volatile Force]
[Cademimu Sharpshooter’s Gloves]
[Foeseeker’s Boots]

  • DjTrex

    What are trash drops?

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Those are items you can randomly get off all of the non-boss monsters in a Flashpoint. Those drops are very random, but a nice surprise when they do drop!