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MiniPet of the Week – Carnival Pets!

By on Feb 18, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT, SideBarArticleList  |  Comments: 2 comments

With Carnival of the Ascended coming up (probably next week) I have been on PTS trying to find all the new minipets we have to look forward to! So far I’ve found the Akylios Balloon, Greenscale Balloon, Laethys Balloon and Maelforge Balloon (Balloons purchased with 100 Prize Tickets each). Also for our collecting enjoyment is the Wind-Up Pony (Defiant BoA) and Valmera Cub (Guardian BoA) purchased with 50 Glass Beads each.

The Balloons are a surprise as I wasn’t sure if they would be minipets or just a cosmetic offhand so of course I had to grind up tickets and have a look at one. I picked Greenscale as that’s one of my least favorite fights and dooming him to follow me in balloon form for eternity amuses me. Once you collect your new pet and summon him, he gently floats beside your character and you even have a string to hold in your hand to keep Greenscale from flying away when you aren’t looking! The sound effects are perfect and the animations outstanding! I can’t wait to collect all these Balloons on live!

The two faction specific pets are also adorable and as they are BoA you can purchase them on your “traitor” alt and mail it to your main. For me this means actually rolling up a traitor alt, but luckily I have about a week before Carnival goes to live so I’m not too worried!

  • Dreamwalk3r

    Got server first on RU Akylios, thanks so much :]

    • Dreamwalk3r

       Damn, that was about pet rock :)