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GW2 World Map and Zone Labels

By on Feb 27, 2012 at 9:48 am, in GW2, Uncategorized  |  Comments: 3 comments

With the help of Guild Wars 2 Guru’s community memeber carralpha, we now have a sliced up map of Guild Wars 2’s world map and where you should expect to go for each level range.

1-15: Zones adjacent to all major cities (there are 4 since Rata Sum and the Grove seem to share a zone for this)
15-25: Kessex Hills, west of Kessex Hills, west of Wayfarer Foothills and north of Plains of Ashford
25-35: Gendarran Fields
30-40: South of Blazeridge Steppes (this doesn’t seem right position-wise but that’s what I seem to see), Timberline Falls
35-45: Valley Headland
40-50: East of Timberline Falls, Blazeridge Steppes
50-60: NW of Blazeridge Steppes, south of Timberline Falls
55-65: Sparkfly Fen
60: Island SW of Lion’s Arch
60-70: The zone with the volcano SW of Ancient Dwarflands, Regrown Flame
70-75: NE Orr
70-80?: Northernmost Shiverpeaks zone (with the big lake)
75-80: NW Orr
80: W Orr

One observation that you can take from this new information, is that there appears to be only three max-level areas and only one of those three seem to be 80 only. What kind of activities do you think we’ll find in these areas and will there be enough things to do to keep the PVE players happy? Or are there some areas missing from this account? This size of the world map points to a lot of room for expansion.

  • Leafs43

    There were no level cap increases with gw1 expansions. So I can guess that gw2 expansions will be mostly level 80 zones. Places like Cantha, crystal desert, elona, fire islands, etc will be expansion material.

  • Luke86

    I thought i’d be able to explore the whole map! the explorable area looks small compared to the large map they show us!

  • Mikael Santos

    one mistake there, rata sum and the grove 1-15 zone levels are diferent but the 15-25 one is the same