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Taral V – Loot List

By on Mar 9, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, Guides, SideBarArticleList, SWTOR  |  Comments: No comments yet

The following loot list is for normal mode Taral V, which is a Republic-side flashpoint for levels 31-35. All bosses are listed in the order of occurrence. Trash drops are at the end. Many of the drops in Taral V seem to drop off multiple bosses. I’ve listed some of the possible occurrences. There may be more.

Loot lists are currently a work in progress. If you notice anything that needs a correction or addition, please feel free to leave a comment.

Note: There are a handful of drops I haven’t been able to find specific information on. These drops are placed in the “Unverified” section toward the end. It’s possible they are not currently dropping and have been taken out since beta. I also may have missed some items. If you know anything about any of these items, let me know!

Boss 1: Handler Gattan –

[Adept Sorcerer’s Foundry Gloves]
[Mercenary Medic’s Foundry Gauntlets]
[Resilient Powertech’s Foundry Generator]
[Espionage Earpiece]
[Earpiece of Reconnaissance]

Boss 2: Captain Shivanek –

[Tral-tech Sonic Blaster]
[Agile Shadow’s Maelstrom Gloves]
[Adept Sage’s Maelstrom Focus]
[Unwavering Vanguard’s Maelstrom Shield]
[Untouchable Shadow’s Maelstrom Shield]

Boss 3: Doctor Zharen –

[Mercenary Medic’s Foundry Gauntlets]
[Adept Sorcerer’s Foundry Gloves]
[High Prophet’s Earpiece]
[Espionage Earpiece]
[Earpiece of Reconnaissance]

Boss 4: PD-44 –

[Commando Medic’s Maelstrom Boots]
[Adept Sorcerer’s Foundry Gloves]
[Guardian’s Maelstrom Greaves]
[Agile Shadow’s Maelstrom Robe]
[Commando’s Maelstrom Chestplate]
[Scoundrel Medic’s Maelstrom Gloves]

Boss 5: Lord Hasper [Optional] –

[Untouchable Shadow’s Maelstrom Hood]
[Adept Sage’s Maelstrom Robe]
[Commando’s Maelstrom Helmet]
[Force Stoic’s Lightsaber]
[Guardian’s Maelstrom Chestplate]

Boss 6: General Edikar –

[Tral-tech Portable Cannon]
[Scoundrel Medic’s Maelstrom Jacket]
[Agile Shadow’s Maelstrom Hood]
[Untouchable Shadow’s Maelstrom Robe]
[Sith Executioner’s Lightsaber]
[Unwavering Vanguard’s Maelstrom Helmet]
[Vicious Double-Saber]
[Commando Medic’s Maelstrom Chestplate]
[Tral-tech Needler]
[Commando’s Maelstrom Gauntlets]

Trash Drops –

[High Prophet’s Earpiece]

Unverified –

[Adept Sage’s Maelstrom Hood]
[Adept Sage’s Maelstrom Lower Robe]
[Commando Medic’s Maelstrom Helmet]
[Commando Medic’s Maelstrom Greaves]
[Adept Sage’s Maelstrom Boots]
[Commando Medic’s Maelstrom Generator]