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By on Mar 19, 2012 at 3:00 pm, in Article, Column, SideBarArticleList, SWTOR  |  Comments: 5 comments

Developers say things.  But sometimes they say things that make you stop and go, “WTF?!”  In recent interviews at the Guild Summit George Zoeller and Daniel Erickson said the following:

Georg Zoeller: (Source) We’re also hoping that by giving people access to the combat log, they actually get a better sense. Look at, for example. They say a lot of theories that are just plain wrong, and to be fair, how would you know better?


Daniel Erickson: (Source) They want to surface a huge amount of the information for the game. They want to be a place that you can trust the source, that they can feed stuff out so we have a standardization so people know where things are going there. I think the long term plan is sort of to be the one stop resource for all of your questions and anything that you actually want to know or need to find out how you’re going to figure out about The Old Republic.

There are some very interesting things you can take away from these quotes when looking at them together:

  • Dev’s actively research and monitor player theory crafting of their game.
  • They have plans to centralize the game community so players can come to them for game information.
  • They are aware of respected sources having incorrect information and don’t always inform the player base.

Players have more free time than game companies do.  It’s why Mod’s for other MMO’s out there can be so amazing and why every major game ends up with a few select websites which host the best guides and theory crafting available.  So with that in mind, what is BioWare thinking?

They obviously have some kind of goal to be the source of the most reliable player information in the future.  But at the same time they will never be able to invest the man hours into perfecting something like that to the same degree that forums, fansites, and players would.

Team Fortress 2 is a great example of where a game company properly utilized their player base by having players create in game hat artwork, which was then implemented in the game.  Minimal resources spent by the company, yet amazing rewards went to the player community.

What do you guys think?  Should they be holding this information to themselves or sharing it more freely?  Do you even think they can pull something like this off?  Do you want to see them spending resources on this when players would do it for them, and perhaps better?  Leave a comment below!

-Suffer Well Brothers and Sisters…

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  • Exadon

    But do you expect the devs to go check every update on other websites and say 

    “X website is wrong for stating y” ? seems not too farfecthed that they would not. It’s not their job to manage / comment on every site that claims false information about their game. 

    • Skeleton Jack

      You’re missing the point and trying to nitpick the point.  Sith Warrior is to SWTOR what Elitest Jerks is to WoW, the “premier” source of theory crafting and research for the MMO in question.  And when a development company is specifically aware (and willing to point it out) that the best known source for info on the game is wrong, then you have to stop and pay attention.

      Especially when they’re talking about being the “go to” source for game information.

      It’s been proven time and time again that when you give the players the tools and access to create things for a game (or research it) that they will do it, and sometimes even do it better.  So why not offer that transparency to allow players to do the work for BioWare?

  • Spankthetank

    Mr jack I think your missing the point

    It seems to me bio have a target audience at social gamers and no the EJ’s of this world. Why else would they write a file that only you can see yet your party can’t? It’s to protect the casual of which makes a judge fan base for other mmo’s (and therefore money). Even though I am more at the EJ end of the spectrum I can see why they did it.

    I read a post a few weeks back about community heros that other players look up to and strive to emulate, I agree. The community needs heroes, it doesnt need the 45% of average players telling the 50% of bad that they are doing it wrong.

    • spankthetank

      Dam autocorrects judge = huge!

      • Skeleton Jack

        I actually think you’re missing what I’m saying Spank.  I don’t want BioWare wasting resources putting together source info for the game when there are fans out there who will do a better job of it if they just had the tools.

        As to the combat log, they will eventually release a damage meter and/or API and damage meters will exist.  End Game guilds will require posts of logs for applicants and uploads or SS’s for seeing what happened in encounters, etc…  It’s here and it will not affect the player base whether we want it to or not.  

        Look at Rift because they had a similar model.  Eventually they moved from combat logs to API to mods, etc…  It’s just a matter of time, and now that the box has been opened it can’t be closed.