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When Will 1.2 Release?

By on Apr 4, 2012 at 9:00 pm, in Article, Column, SideBarArticleList, SWTOR  |  Comments: 4 comments

We’re speculating that the 1.2 Legacy Patch will most likely release this Tues, 4/10.  With all of the recent hype that BioWare has been building for the 1.2 Legacy release, everything will culminate this weekend at Pax East.

Originally posted by David Bass (Source)

We’ll be bringing Game Update 1.2 with us to the show, so for those of you who have been unable to check it out on the Public Test Server, this will be a great opportunity to see the new customizable User Interface, Legacy, and more.

It is extremely unlikely that BioWare will initiate the Oceanic transfers (promised for late April) at the same time as 1.2 Legacy (promised early April) to avoid problems.  So their windows of opportunity are diminishing.

With the added hype and expectations built this weekend from media coverage at PAX East, this Tues (4/10) is the most likely choice.  Failing that, 4/17 would be their final option.  Assuming of course that they intend to keep their initial projections for release.

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  • Test

    No server transfers for those of us on dead servers = fail. Server imbalances = fail. Unsubbed = WIN

  • Valkyriez

    I plan on posting on the swtor forums about this. Silly idea to not get the Asia pacific transfers in before introducing ranked pvp. We will be forced to either wait for transfers, get a new toon to 50 on AP servers or do. Ranked on us servers with approx 10 times the latency (200-300 ping). And if we get a rating and then transfer, does it carry over considering its server specific? Not a good way to do it. Transfers for Aussie etc players needs to come first.

  • Luna

    Do you realize how arrogant you both actually sound?

  • Alexblair80

    ranked pvp at 1.2 release is “pre-season” only so saying that the transfers HAVE to be before for fairness is not accurate.