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Outlaw’s Den : Security Chest Location Guide – PVP Comms Galore

By on Apr 9, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, Featured Article, Guides, SWTOR  |  Comments: 3 comments

“There’s Merc’s in them there hills.”

The Outlaw’s Den was intended to be an active world PvP zone but became just another part of the desert when the designers removed all of the loot. Now the Mercenary Commendations are back and I’ve got the guide on how to get them.

For those not familiar with The Outlaw’s Den, it is a free-for-all PvP zone. You can attack, and be attacked by, anyone not in your party. There is an entrance for each faction. In the middle of the area is a building with an auction house and mailbox almost begging people to let their guard down. There are also 3 PvP vendors scattered around who sell unique speeders.

The best part though is the return of the PvP reward chests. Below, you will find screenshots of every chest I have found and maps with accurate player coordinates of those chests. I have numbered the chests beginning with the one nearest to the Republic entrance, and proceeding counter-clockwise around the area.

Each “security chest” has 20 Mercenary Commendations inside. That’s equal to spending 15 minutes losing a warzone just by opening a chest. While the spawn times are long, 2 hours with occasional exceptions, I have been tracking their movements for a few weeks now and noted all the locations to help improve your odds. The best advice I can give is show up early, run the edge of the zone and don’t tell anyone. Keep your eyes peeled for chests I haven’t discovered yet. Being there at 7 am is likely to net you 40-80 mercenary commendations in a single search. I know that I earned my way to my Battle Master tokens 10-20% faster because I searched Tatooine from time to time.

Patch 1.2 will bring some changes to the Outlaw’s Den. The designers still intend it be a world PvP hub and I will be keeping you up to date. We know that the chests will drop Warzone Commendations, but those will be far more valuable at that time. Also, there will be an item that teleports you to near the Outlaw’s Den, purchasable from PvP vendors on the fleet.

Until 1.2 hits, if you want free merc comms, then don’t tell anyone. But if you have to tell a friend, at least drop group and attack them as soon as they enter the zone. It’s a right of passage.

Here’s are the coordinates for the security chests in the order I numbered them:

Security Chest 1 (-89, -1457)

Security Chest 2 (-227, -1346)

Security Chest 3 (-243, -1333)

Security Chest 4 (-268, -1251)

Security Chest 5 (-307, -1164)

Security Chest 6 (-341, -1050)

Security Chest 7 (-364, -917)

Security Chest 8 (-288, -899)

Security Chest 9 (-171, -977)

Security Chest 10 (-91, -911)

Security Chest 11 (102, -815)

Security Chest 12 (28, -1094)

Security Chest 13 (36, -1156)

Security Chest 14 (-163, -1125)

Security Chest 15 (-173, -1268)

Security Chest 16 (-102, -1293)

  • Wojciech Wisniewski

    Really great find! =]
    A single map with marked locations of all chests would be great addition to this article =D

  • Unknown User

    as of today 5/11/2012 there are 3 to 4 that spawn every 1 hour after there picked up.

  • Zigs

    They still spawn, but now they drop regular WZ coms and one I found even had recruit gloves inside (the old ones, not the mk2s).