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Five Reasons To Love the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post

By on May 10, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, GW2  |  Comments: 3 comments

The Trading Post system in Guild Wars 2 is one of my favorite features within the game and is truly next generation in its implementation and ease of use.  A great auction system encourages player interaction and provides players with another avenue of playing.  We all know the people who see generating wealth through trading as a game within a game, and we all know people who just never seem to care about buying or selling anything they get.  Arenanet has built their Trading Post system to be extremely powerful for advanced users, but extremely simple for those users who don’t really want to bother with the system.

Here are 5 reasons Why I love the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1.  Access the market from anywhere you are.  Yes, that’s right, the Commerce window can be brought up from anywhere in the game world.  What does this mean for you?  Items can be bought or sold without having to hit a town.  Do keep in mind that while you can buy and sell items out in the field, you will have to go to the Trading Post NPC to pick up your items or gold.  This may not mean much for the person who enjoys the idea of mailing items to an auction house mule, but for those players who don’t really get into the world of commerce within MMO’s, it really creates an opportunity to sell those tradeskill materials, as opposed to just vendoring them.  To further simplify things, you can simply right click any item in your inventory and you have options to Sell at Trading Post or Buy More at Trading Post. 


2.  Browsing items for purchase has never been easier.  When pulling up the window to purchase items within the trading post, you can instantly see the Top Valued, Supplied, Demanded, and Traded Items.  I’m sure that the hardcore mercantile players will be most interested in identifying these trends in an effort to fulfill market niches.  If you’re looking for something that isn’t amongst the top items, all you have to do is a simple Item Name search.  Unlike some other recent MMO’s, there are no silly filter requirements to prevent you from searching.  However, if you’re not sure of the item name, there are filters to help you find the item that is right for you. 
3.  The Currency Exchange window makes it so smart traders can harness market power to work for them.  Here’s what I mean by this.  Using the Currency Exchange window you can either trade gold for gems or trade your gems for gold.  The window tells you the price of recent gem sales, shows you a price graph over the last few hours of trading, and also shows you various pieces of market data including Average Price and the Highest and Lowest prices over the last 5 days.  This information can help those of us with market savvy acquire extreme in-game wealth of not only gold, but gems as well. 

4.  Unlike most other in-MMO trading systems, the Trading Post within Guild Wars 2 allows buyers to put up listings as well.  These custom offers can appeal to sellers who don’t want to hassle with market competition, or for any one looking to make fast money.  This also appeals to buyers who are looking to get a bargain, but aren’t in a rush to acquire their items.  Because of this system, there’s always a chance that you will find that rare item that you want, even if it’s not necessarily listed at the time that you’re browsing the trading post.

5.  Selling your loot has never been more straight forward.  When pulling up the selling tab in the Commerce window, your inventory comes up pre-sorted by name.  You can see all buyer offers for items that are in your inventory, assuming you’re willing to wait for your money, but are looking to get more for your hard earned loot, you have the option to list your item on the trading post, rather than taking the offers.  Once you select your item to sell, you can with a single click match your item to the current lowest price on the Trading Post, or choose to set your own price.  Nothing’s more irritating than being undercut by a single copper piece on an auction, and this system encourages sellers to match their items at the lowest price by providing that as a single click option for listings.

Although it’s seemingly a contradiction, the Trading Post system has managed to take all of the things that I loved from previous trade systems within MMO’s, expanded upon those ideas and tossed some useful tools out there for us trade junkies, all while keeping the system easy to use for beginning players.  No easy feat for Arenanet I’m sure, but one that I’ll be thanking them for when I’m dominating my server’s Trading Post.

  • Avan Gore

    I think you missed one huge feature: There is only one global market across all servers/worlds.

    • Chelmo

       Yep, I just came to say this.

  • Cokybv

    Yap, Avan & Chelmo 6. Onle Globan Market across all servers:
    There won’t be any huge price changes by people who want monopoly over an item (ex: you see 100 X items in the store; you have money so you buy them all and then you post them back with a higher price). This results in players getting up in the morning and seeing a doubling in price for the item that they need. In GW2 you can’t possibly do that, because with tons of servers, you will have tons of item X and you can’t possibly monopolize. This also implies that there will be more competition, resulting in good prices 24/7 and that you have higher chances of finding an obscure item that you want (at different prices even)

    Speaking of Getting up in the morning: congrats on the 7:00 AM screenshot :) (no. 1)