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TERA Class Primer: Lancer, Warrior, Priest, Mystic – Part 1

By on May 17, 2012 at 6:39 pm, in Article, TERA  |  Comments: 4 comments

Ahh, the many flavors of Tera.  Most MMO’s boil down to targeting a mob, and clicking abilities which all are pretty much the same, with just a different animation and different amount of damage.  Tera breaks this mold, with it’s promoted “True-Action Combat”, and each class is almost a different gameplay experience from one another.

One of the most common questions asked by people new to Tera, is which class is right for me?  Coming from other MMO’s, there are some similarities to your traditional fantasy classes, but they all play widely different, due to the combat system.  Today we take a look at the different classes in Tera to see which one is right for you.

General Overview

This is the main tank of Tera. The meat shield, donning heavy plate armor, a shield, and a giant lance. A Lancer’s job is to take the brunt of the damage from mobs, and use their AoE taunt to keep a mobs attention on them.  A Lancer has no evasion ability, but rather by holding down your right mouse button, you raise your shield to block incoming attacks. And unlike traditional MMO’s, you not only block for yourself, but you block the attack for people standing behind you.  Lancers start fights with full mana, and their basic attack builds mana, to use on their special abilities and blocks. Also due to the relative straightforward thrusting attacks with the lance, AoE isn’t very strong for Lancers, unless mobs are lined up in front of them, allowing them to pierce multiple targets.

Player Vs. Environment

Lancers have the ability to charge at mobs, for quick mobility, and at 26 they gain the ability Leash, which allows them to grab a target at range and pull them to them. They gain a self heal at 14 called Second Wind, on a 60 second cooldown, which actually heals a portion of their health. Throughout leveling they also gain other tools of the trade, such as some self buffs, and the ability to absorb damage rather than your party members. They have decent DPS attacks to keep agro, and to build up their mana, which is used for their taunts, leash, and blocks. Due to their long lance, they have a fairly long attack distance, and generally attack in the direction they are facing.

Soloing, while not as effective as a pure DPS class, is very doable on a Lancer, and not as slow as some of the healing classes.  As far as groups go, a Lancer has a role in virtually every group, as they are the only tank that can join up in Dungeon Finder.

Player Vs. Player

When it comes to PVP, most people avoid lancers. This is because a well-played Lancer in PVP is almost unkillable, due to their block being able to negate almost all frontal damage. With a Lancer’s decent attacks, stuns, and mobility, they can wear down most classes through attrition.

General Overview

This is the controversial tank of Tera. This is because there are some players who have no problem embracing a Warrior to tank for their group, and there are players who will not group with a Warrior tank no matter what. At this time, Warriors cannot queue as a Tank through the Dungeon Finder system, and can only tank in player made groups. When they do tank, unlike the Lancer, they tank through dodges, and rolling out of the way to avoid attacks. They are the only hybrid class in Tera, but don’t let the weakness of tanking fool you, as they are still very competitive DPS. They have good steady DPS, rather than the burstiness of other classes. Similar to Lancers, they attack in the direction they are facing, but can also circle around mobs with their attacks to avoid taking damage. They also share the same mana system as Lancers, starting with full mana, and using basic attacks to build it back up.

Player Vs. Environment

A Warrior attacks with dual wielded swords, and is the fastest attacking class in Tera. They wear leather armor, but many of their attacks decrease the damage they take during their attacks. Warriors also use a combo point system, similar to Rogue’s in other MMO’s, but in Tera, all warriors share combo points on their target. They gain a finisher at 14, and their main one at 60 which is also a debuff that increases their party’s DPS by a large amount. They gain a poison blade ability, and many fast attacks, stuns and snares. At 18 they get a smoke aggressor, which sacrifices 20% of the Warrior’s health, to summon a smoke clone of themself, which does minimal damage, but draws agro off of the Warrior, to give him some breathing room. And at 28, they gain Traverse Cut, which really starts to solidify a Warrior’s DPS, with a high damage attack, and a debuff increasing the damage done to the target by anyone hitting it, by about 15%.

Currently there is a future patch in the works, in which Warrior’s tanking ability will be buffed, and they will be allowed to queue up in the Dungeon Finder as a tank. It was also released that the Warrior and the Lancer will gain a second mana bar, that will be used for their dodge ability, and block ability for Lancers.

Warriors are welcomed to groups and have no problems there, other than the aforementioned fact that some groups will not take you as a tank. But when it comes to DPS, they provide solid DPS and debuffs to mobs that really help the groups overall damage output.

Player Vs. Player

In PVP, a Warrior can hold its own due to its ability to dodge, high damage output, 5 stuns, and snares. 1 vs 1 they can hold their own quite well, and fit in well with group PVP.

General Overview

A Priest is the strongest pure healer in Tera. They wear cloth armor, and wield a Staff.  What Priest lacks in utility, they gain in raw healing power. They use your traditional mana system similar to other games and have the second highest health pool in the game. Most of their offensive spells are short range attacks that they must use in melee range to deal damage. When it comes to heals, they generally locked on to players using the targeting reticule, or AoE heals.

Player Vs. Environment

As I said above, Priests have many strong heals, everything from single target heals, to HoTs, AoE Heals, but they also gain a party absorption buff at 24, which absorbs a large amount of damage on every player in the party. They also gain good 20 minute buffs for their party, and a stronger short term buff that increase the groups damage for 15 seconds. At level 12, a Priest gains the ability to restore a good portion of mana to themselves, and unlike most classes, this can be used in combat, and while moving. At 22, Priests can also summon party members to them if they are on the same continent.

Priests have enough DPS to solo quest, and a few more damage abilities than a Mystic, but also the downside of having the short range.  A Priest is welcomed in any group, as they are a solid all around healer, and one of the required roles of pretty much any group.

Player Vs. Player

In PVP, a Priest is more of a group orientated class. 1 vs 1, they are not a huge threat, but they can definitely keep themselves alive for quite some time through their heals. They do have 1 sleep CC ability, and 2 dodge abilities, but are not nearly as mobile as the Mystic. In group PVP a Priest is one of the more wanted classes to have on your side.

General Overview

This is the support class of Tera, but also a main healer. What makes them different from a Priest though, is that they have less healing abilities, but more abilities that increase the group’s power. They are more of a Jack-of-Trades class. They wear cloth armor, just like a Priest, and wield a scepter. They have the ability to summon minions to help them fight, or to cast heals on the Mystic, while they focus on healing their groups. Similar to Sorcerers, a Mystic must aim a fair amount of their DPS abilities using their reticule, to land their spells on mobs and players, but unlike Priests, most of their offensive spells are ranged. They share the same mana system as Priests.

Player Vs. Environment

There are two main ways a Mystic heals. One is with their lock on heal called Titanic Favor, which heals 2 players for a large amount, but also puts a HoT on the players. The second way, is through their Vitae Orbs that they summon and drop on the ground, for other players to pick up. These balls heal a nice amount, and also dispell any debuffs or Dot’s on a player for the duration of the HoT. Orbs thankfully, are easily spotted and easily picked up by players, as you only need to stand somewhat near one, and hit your F key, rather than trying to click it.

As many will ask, the main difference between a Priest and a Mystic is where a Mystic can help a group speed through content a bit faster, as long as the group is solid, a Priest, can pretty much heal through any high damage burst, or mess-ups from other players.

What really separates a Mystic from a Priest though, is the rest of their toolbox. Mystics have multiple CC abilities, and are very mobile using Teleport Jaunt to move around fast. Their pets (Thralls) aren’t too strong, but a decent addition, with the exception of Thrall of Life at 16. This Thrall will be used a lot, due to the fact that it heals and dispells the Mystic. Mystic’s also have the ability to summon Arun’s Tears at 28, which are Mana Orbs. Players can pick these up to restore mana. This helps lead to a Mystic’s role of making groups move through content faster. Their other bonuses to the group, are various aura’s which increase a players crit rate, mana regeneration, speed, and crit resistance. They also get a self rez they can cast on themselves and other, a damage absorbing shield they can cast on single players every 25 seconds.

When soloing, a Mystic is on the low end of DPS, but has enough for solo questing. A Mystic, like a Priest, is also welcomed in almost any group, due to needing a healer, and a Mystic can fill this role efficiently. Some groups may prefer Priests if it is harder content, and some may prefer Mystics if it is content they want to get through fast, but neither would likely turn down one or the other specifically.

Player Vs. Player

In PVP, a Mystic can hold their own through all their tools, but really lack the DPS to be a fearsome class in 1 vs 1. With all their escape tools though they can usually stay alive for a long time to harass players with their mobility, snares, curses, and crowd control. In group PVP is where Mystics really shine, with all their bonuses to their group.


Come back for Part 2 of Which Class Is Right For Me, where we will take a look at the remaining DPS classes of Tera.

  • Xolotli

    I’m going to call garbage on the 1v1 Priest PvP. I’ve slaughtered hella people.

    • JasonDodge

      The article assumes equal skill between players.  

  • ThisOneGuy

    considering most players on the NA dont ever pick up the healing orbs or mana orbs during a fight, i’d say the priest is overall better for NA servers. mystic can hold its own only during the low lvls, they wont ever survive a 1vs1 encounter at max lvl. and dont go saying it takes skill to play a mystic, because honestly it takes little skill to play a mystic. the only classes that take skill to play are the melee classes.

  • Estel Powell

    <– Uses orbs as a lancer. A skilled priest can survive 1v1 PVP easily. Lancers in PVP are beast to deal with. I was doing some PVP last night on my warrior and came across a Priest/Lancer combo…2 warriors and a priest on my team barely won. The lancer had incredible for sight to stay on top of the folks going for his Priest. His Priest was skilled as well and was nearly impossible to kill with his kiting abilities. I love these challenges, because the help me become a better player.