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TERA Cash Shop Opens! Race Changes, Sex Changes Novelty Items – Oh My!

By on May 20, 2012 at 11:00 am, in Article, TERA  |  Comments: 1 comment

Enmasse Studios treated us to the release of their Premium Services and Novelty Item cash shop this week. They have a ton of services that have been around the MMORPG arena for some time now. These changes are:

  • Name Change Voucher – Sometimes naming your character after a few beers is not the best time.
  • Appearance Voucher – Get back into the character creator and re-design your Popori’s tail.
  • Gender Change Voucher – No one will judge you.
  • Race Change Voucher – Your back hurting you? Maybe you should of rolled a Castanic.

Each service is progressively more expensive, which make sense. A race change lets you do change your appearance, race and gender, a gender change lets you change both your gender and appearance. There has been much frothiness over on the official forums where many are complaining about the prices. To us, the prices seem normal compared to World of Warcraft’s offerings.

Do you think the prices are too expensive? Or should EME even allow these things? It appears the community is split on the subject, but from our point of view, if people want to change their character’s appearance, more power to them. En Masse is able to make a buck or two in the process. Anything that doesn’t alter the power of your character does not phase us in the least.

On top of these changes, there is a small cash shop with some initial offerings of some weapon skins. Here’s what they look like (images from the En Masse website).

Do you think these skins are worth $10 US a pop? The Berserker skin looks pretty cool. If you’re interested in what the Koreans are doing, keep an eye out for our future feature on Korean skins.

  • Danielle Istead

    Tera-EU are currently saying they’re not planning on opening the cash shop for us yet. But in short – I’d rather pay $10 for the lot, not each…