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Problems and Issues with Instance Matching

By on May 21, 2012 at 1:52 pm, in Buzz, TERA  |  Comments: 4 comments

TERA launching with instance matching has made it a breeze to find groups for dungeons as long as your are willing to wait for one. It isn’t until you get down to the small nuances of instance matching that the problems start to surface. One in particular annoying problem is group management, or lack of, after you or your group has queued into the instance matching system. Group members getting stuck in groups, abuse of the kick system, unable to invite outside people after queuing for an instance, and inappropriate lockout timers are some of the issues springing up. The forums seem to agree as noted here:

I have done Fane multiple times, and I do great DPS and know my class, I’ve never had trouble completing this instance. I consider it to be quite simple actually (on normal). So I ask, “Why?”. He simply says leave the group or he will just go afk.

So the group kicks me.

I waited an hour to get in to this dungeon for that? This is absolutely not conducive to the enjoyment of the game. This is downright abusive behavior and I’m not going to make generalizations and say that all Lancers are idiots like this one, but it’s easy to see how being a Lancer provides the opportunity for them to ruin the enjoyment of the game for other people.

There needs to be a kick block in place that actually works (not like WoW’s system) right off the bat of the instance…or something needs to be done about Lancer abuse. I wish I had any ideas but I need some time to think about it, all I know is this is unacceptable behavior that should be either moderated or somehow tuned to be obliterated.


Like many features in TERA the base system is in place, but the ball is in EnMasse’s court to get it polished and working better for everyone. In the mean time, try and queue with friends or guild members that won’t kick you out for no reason, and have the patience to deal with the problems in order to get the instance completed.

  • Estel Powell

    I have to agree this misbehavior and sense of entitlement by lancers has got to stop. As a lancer I have disavowed these actions both in the Lancer Guide and my Youtube Vids. I think one way to make change is to set an example. We can’t stop everyone, but we can sure do our best to create a positive environment when folks team up with us. 

  • Kestrel36

    I agree that this abuse has to stop; this is a game people – if you don’t get the drop you want the first time, you run it again. There will always be competition for loot when different classes share the same armor type. Personally, if I came across a tank who issued the ultimatum “kick the Zerker/Archer or I leave” I’d let him leave or kick the obnoxious Lancer myself and put in a report about them. 

    The people doing this are only a small percentage of the larger community – many good tanks don’t use the dungeon finder and they run mostly with groups on their own servers, others run in the dungeon finder and are perfectly civil people – its the few bad eggs though that stick out the most and make the rest look bad.  

    Part of this problem is a community issue – as long as people sit back and let these players get away with this behavior Lancers will continue to do it, people need to stop rolling over for them. Its not fair on the DPS/healer to have to wait for another tank I know, but its not fair for the poor Zerker/Archer who keeps getting booted out of every dungeon they get into either. Tanks like this will continue to abuse their instant queue times for as long as they can get away with, and some even further than that. But as a fledgling community we need to make it clear that it is not acceptable to behave like this.

    My advice is this: next time you run into a jerk Lancer who demands that you kick the Zerker in the group so he can have exclusive rights to any heavy armor that drops, put your foot down – kick the abusive tank and find another. Make friends with lancers on your server, make friends with other dps and healers on your server – take friends into the dungeon finder with you, and if you don’t know anyone on the server make some friends – a quick shout in /a or /lfg will more often than not find at least one or two other people who want to run the dungeon and you can pick up the rest in the finder. If enough people make it clear that this behavior is not acceptable, it can be curbed.

  • Crone

    Great comments guys. I actually play a Lancer myself, so when I saw this on the forums it really hit home as something that I’d never do, and I hope changes.

    Do you think the Warrior changes to make them more “viable” tanks, and also letting them queue as tanks will fix the problem?

    • Kestrel36

      Possibly. But I can also see them causing more potential problems. The issue of one class kicking others that share the same armor could very easily apply to warriors – we may see more archers and slayers getting the boot instead. At the moment warriors are only tanking for groups on their own servers so we aren’t seeing the douche-baggery that we are getting from lancers. But put the temptation in their way… If Lancers are getting away with it, I would absolutely expect to see warrior tanks trying the same thing. 

      Whether they can get away with it is another matter. 

      Even with warriors being allowed to queue as tanks I’m not sure how many will actually do so – many warrior players roll the class for its dps potential, so we’re probably going to continue seeing ridiculously long queues for dps and tanks using this to their advantage regardless of their class. I’m not sure how much of an impact on queue times adding warrior tanks to the list will have. And if the communities negative opinion of warrior tanks doesn’t change they may cause more problems than they solve. p.s: I personally have no problems with warrior tanks. I can’t play one, but I understand how they work and have healed them through dungeons and BAMs on my priest with no major problems – they just need to be watched a little closer and potentially healed a little more than a good Lancer tank. But that doesn’t make them bad; a lancer who doesn’t get his blocks up in time can easily take more damage and risk death more often than a dodging warrior tank. I think their bad rep is coming more from lazy dps and healers (and I use that term reluctantly) who don’t want to adapt to the play-style of such a mobile tank when a lancer will let them just sit there and beat things up, at least until the boss starts jumping around the room. But the community in general needs to change its attitude and accept warrior/doge tanks as a viable option for dungeons otherwise we’re going to see all kinds of shenanigans taking place in the dungeon finder, the stroppy lancer tanks may become less of a problem, and healers striking when matched with a warrior tank might become and issue for example.