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Enchanting 101: When to Enchant, Why You Should Enchant

By on May 22, 2012 at 2:58 pm, in Article, TERA  |  Comments: 13 comments

If you’re new to TERA, you might of noticed that every once in a while you might notice a message popping up on your screen that “So-and-so enchanted his Uberweapon (+9)!” In TERA you can enchant your weapon from stock all the way to +12. You want to do this for several reasons: 1) It makes your weapon or armor stronger, 2) it unlocks weapon bonuses and 3) it allows you to create some of the most powerful gear in the game.

Gear that is able to be enchanted is pretty easy to see. It’s labeled “Enchantable” for one, and two you’ll see an elongated tooltip for the time with set bonuses. You can see from our example that the weapon gives certain bonuses at +3, +6 and +9. In order to enchant an item, you’ll need Alkahest Powder and an item of the same type.

For example if you’re to enchant the weapon shown here, you’ll need 7x Alkahest Powders (you need one powder per item Tier), and any Tier 7 weapon. Alternatively, if you were enchanting a Chest Armor piece, you would need a equivalent tiered Chest Armor.

Essentially, every time you attempt to enchant an item you are losing X Alkahest Powders and one piece of gear that most people refer to as enchant fodder.

Protip: As you are leveling, or dungeon grinding at level 60, save all the armor of the current tier that you are in for “enchant fodder”. For example, at level 38 you can wield the second tier of Superior items from Cultist’s Refuge. If you’ve been questing you’ll have accumulated a handful of white and green items that should be of similar Tier to your superior type. Remember, you can enchant a Lance with Twin Blades. They just have to be Weapons of the same Tier. You will be going through a lot of fodder just to get your item up to +6.

One of the changes En Masse has done with TERA that differs from it’s counterpart in Korea, is that if you fail at an enchant it’s impossible to lose a level of enchanting. Because of this En Masse has introduce three tiers of enchanting. From +1 through +6 you use basic Alkahest Powder, +7 through +9 uses a more expensive powder found on Specialty Vendors that Vanarch open for you. The last tier is +10 through +12 that uses an even more expensive powder.

Protip: Use all of your white fodder to get your item to +5. You will end up failing a decent amount to go from +3 to +4 but it tends to be the least expensive route and you might get lucky. As you near +5 and 6, you will begin to need to use green and blue items to get to those levels. From +7 and on you’ll most likely be using blue and gold gear levels. The higher the rarity (white -> green -> blue -> gold) the higher the chance for a successful enchant. The higher the enchant level, the more difficult it is to level.

One thing you might not know is that all gear of the same name is not equal. The stats and enchant bonuses are randomized. (Later on we’ll cover rerolling your gear for better stats which can only be done on certain gear.) The best way to see the spread of modifiers is to hop on to your Trade Broker and find a list of the same weapon and you’ll notice that the bonuses and stats can vary greatly.

The image above is a great example of a nicely rolled item for leveling. It has an initial bonus of triggering HP regen when combat starts, and at +6 is has an additional regen bonus that stacks with the initial bonus. Someone with the weapon above will most likely find themselves never needing to heal or use potions because the regen is almost always up. There are other desirable statistics; one of those is Combat Speed. You will find the more expensive weapons are those that have two +8% weapon speed bonuses on them.

Protip: Sometimes green or blue items can be better than gold depending on the enchant bonuses. Keep an eye out for those bonuses and if you find and item with a decent bonus and you don’t need it, put it on the Trade Broker for a decent markup; it will sell. If you’ve played Diablo 3, this is very familiar to you!

Ultimately you’ll probably want to purchase a new weapon every five levels or so. In TERA gear has a very large impact on your character’s power. Since getting an item two +3 is relatively easy with very low chances of failure, it’s always beneficial to increase your item’s power when you can. Around the time you start running Sinister Manor is when you should begin thinking about enchanting. Prior to that, you out level gear too fast. Do not worry about enchanting your items to +6 or greater until you reach level 58 at the earliest as this is the gear you’ll be holding on to for longer periods of time.

  • Bbvoncrumb

    Thanks for this. As someone who hasn’t touched enchanting and probably won’t until 60, it’s good to have a base to go off now.

    • JasonDodge

      You really shouldn’t wait.  You should enchant all your weapons post-28 to at least +3.  Use the scrap vendor trash you get from quests and drops, and buy some Alkhest powder for a few gold all told.  It’s almost a free weapon upgrade.

    • GamerIncognito

      In all honestly, it is worth the time to enchant your gear even while leveling up. Well, this has been my experience in the MMO’s I have played. From what I have seen so far in Tera, it doesn’t really cost too much to do enchants on your gear, and the extra stats are nice to have. And as the author stated, you will gather a ton of enchant fodder along the way, so on the spot enchanting will also free up some room in your bags. I keep a stack of the dust in my bags all the time now to drop an enchant when I am in a position too. Granted, the highest I have bothered with has been +6, since I am still leveling up.

      This is just my opinion though, and I am sure there are a lot of player’s out there that would disagree with what I said. Extra stats have never hurt anyone though.

  • anonymus

    Combat speed? Wow your really an expert in this field.

    • JasonDodge

      It appears you’re an expert in grammar.

      If I said attack speed, would it make you feel special inside?

      • anonymus

         It has nothing to do with grammar. The stat is called Attack Speed. if you are going to explain things to people new to enchanting then you should give them correct information so they aren’t looking for a stat that doesn’t exist.

        • ThatGuy

          The grammar comment was referring to the use of “your” instead of “you’re” in your post.

        • nawdawg

          but the stat itself applies to abilities that aren’t attacks (heals) as well so “combat speed” is more accurate

          “attack speed” is one of the countless phrases and names that should have been translated better

  • Kestrel36

    I don’t have any issue with the enchanting system, to be honest I am glad they change it to what we have now from the original version – going backwards in enchanting levels would be far more infuriating than the current setup. 

    However, I do have a question with regards to gear for enchanting items. 

    What is the general opinion of rolling on gold and blue gear for enchanting purposes in dungeons (since gold/blue items have a better chance for a successful enchant attempt at higher enchanting levels)? Are people rolling on gear against other people (say two leather classes in one group or a sorcerer and a healer both competing for the same drop) only if the item is an upgrade or are people rolling for items even if they only intend to use it for enchanting their current item, even though the person rolling against them is actually going wear the item as a substantial upgrade? In my mind I’m tempted to prioritize rolls when rolling against other people as need (to wear) > need to enchant current item > want to sell for profit. But is that the way others are doing things, or are rolls generally accepted as ‘if you can use it/roll on it you should roll on it”? 

    • JasonDodge

      I’m a nice guy, so if the other player can wear the item, I let them have it as well.  I think it depends on who you’re playing with.

      You’ll probably won’t run into this as often at the end game dungeons where you’re running for enchantment fodder 

  • Grammarnazi

    might of = not english
    might have = english
    might’ve = english

  • GamerIncognito

    I came in here looking for information on enchanting, and as is typical in several threads where someone has produced a guide for noobies, all I saw was a bunch of rudeness and insults in response. So, allow me to take the time to express my gratitude to you for creating this guide, it really helped a lot.

    To those of you that though you were clever flaming the author, feel free to keep your rudeness to yourselves; I have produced guides myself in several of the games I have played, to help noobies out, and one thing that is factual about all games, is that content changes from time to time. Insults and rudeness do not make you look “1337” or cooler (or whatever lame “I am better then you” titles you prefer) they just make you look like unproductive losers that are only there to try to make a name for yourself in an online space. As far as I am concerned, you are not helping and you are not cool.

    Constructive criticism is fine, offering corrections to content in a professional manner is better.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to put this guide together.

  • Arsonist

    Confused as heck on the whole enchanting issue, with an enchanted bow at +6. Can’t get it above 6.