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Forum Highlight: 2 Man Hard Mode Flashpoint Guide

By on May 28, 2012 at 4:00 pm, in Buzz, SWTOR  |  Comments: No comments yet

The official SWTOR forums are full of good stuff, once you learn how to, you know, avoid all the negativity that seems to hover directly near the General forums. I found this gem of a guide the other day, and felt the need to share it:

2 Man Hard Mode Flashpoint Guide

The poster goes into great amounts of detail, discusses gear choices, companion control, and how to properly choose the correct flashpoint order. There’s also a ton of videos in the thread. Here’s an informative bit on companion control:

“Learning how to quickly turn your companion passive and active is critical. Go under preferences and create shortcut keys for these actions on companion bars. My shorcut key to turn my companion passive is: Shift+f
If you have a gaming mouse with several programmable buttons, stick this to one of your mouse button 5 or something. Last thing you want to do is waste time clicking their passive ability manually.

Keep your companion in your sight at all times. If a threatening ground effect goes under them, use your shortcut key toggle to turn them passive then back to active. Maintain some distance from your companion so when turned passive he walks enough distance to get out of the ground effect.”

Yep, control is key when attempting difficult content with a companion. I love stuff like this. The fact that SWTOR’s companions can actually serve as very useful party mates with the right gear, abilities, and careful monitoring is one of the reasons I picked up the game in the first place, and is one of the reasons I still enjoy making alts. It’s fun being able to do things we’re not supposed to solo or duo. It’s fun being able to try something extremely risky, and come out on top. I love soloing normal flashpoints with the help of my companions, but duoing hard modes? That sounds fun. Check it out!