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PTS: RIFT 1.9 In-Progress Set #2 – 5/29/12

By on May 30, 2012 at 10:31 am, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 3 comments

The below notes are work-in-progress and are, as always, highly subject to change before reaching live shards. These notes are also in addition to/modifications of the previous 1.9-in-progress set posted here.

* PTS NOTE: Conquest: Your mentor level will be cleared when entering a Conquest map. Characters cannot Mentor while in Conquest.
* PTS NOTE: Conquest: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t loot player corpses.
* PTS NOTE: DPS of PvP Set 5 weapons increased to match PvE counterparts.
* PTS Note: Focus and Hit added to PvP Set weapons toned down compared to amounts of Focus and Hit on comparable tier PvE weapons.
* PTS NOTE: Increased minimum Bolstering to rank 36 for Warfronts.

* New overhead icons for NPCs help show what they do at a glance! These icons are optional and can be enabled/disabled via the Settings > Misc option: Show additional overhead NPC icons.

* Instant Adventure is showing up for lower-level zones like Freemarch, Silverwood, and Gloamwood – with more on the way!
* The Instant Adventure UI has changed – it now allows you to queue for IAs in your current zone if your character meets the IA level requirement, or allows you to join ‘random Instant Adventure’ which uses Mentoring to set your character to the appropriate level to join IA groups throughout Telara.
* PTS NOTE: Instant Adventure for lower level zones is still WIP and some events may not be available or have all the kinks worked out yet!



* Baneful Touch: Fixed a tooltip bug where tooltip indicated that this increased poison damage, when it shouldn’t.

* Virtuoso: Fixed a tooltip bug where the tooltip did not indicate that the effect only works on Codas and not all Finishers.

* Predatory Soulstone: The Attack Power buff from Predatory Soulstone should now be triggered when Shadow Fire is cast and not when Shadow Fire deals damage to the target.
* Diffuse: Fixed a bug where Diffuse was causing damage abilities with buffs (like Shadow Fire and Annihilate) to be redirected to your pet.

* Rift Disturbance: Fixed a tooltip bug where the tooltip indicated the ability would grant a Combo Point when it doesn’t.
* Rift Barrier: Will no longer reflect damage after the absorption from Rift Guard has been consumed.

* Added Hit and Focus to PvP Set 2-5 weapons. The values should fall below comparable PvE weapons.

* Bind-on-Pickup notoriety granting items that drop from some mobs in Gloamwood, Stonefield, Scarlet Gorge, and Droughtlands are now Common-quality items (used to be Uncommon).


* Rodiafel now goes underground only once at 50% health in both Master and Expert Caduceus Rise.

* Apothecary: Reduced the Drakefoot Seed requirements in some Apothecary recipes. Slightly increased Drakefoot Seed drop rate.
* Fishing: Tacklebox and fishing treasure loot have been adjusted.
* Fishing: New Fishing and Survival recipes are now available!
* Turning in the Armorsmith and Weaponsmith 300-skill crafting dailies when you have both will no longer remove the Wondrous Flux needed for the second daily.

* Ctrl-C and Ctrl-X now copy and cut text, respectively, from the chat input field.
* Chat channels now allow you to join channels on other shards within your wargroup (the shards you share Warfronts and random Expert Dungeons with). /join ChannelName@Shard to join channels across shards. Other related chat channel related commands work cross-shard as well.
* An away/AFK message entered via /afk or /dnd that is longer than 80 characters will now be shortened rather than causing your character to disconnect.

* Added all recurring World Event currencies to the Currency tab – Unique Snowflake, Prize Ticket, Glass Beads, Pyrite Doubloon, and 1.9 World Event currency.

* Improved game framerate when inventory and bank bags are opened.

  • Ewoud Hemstede

    I’m wondering about the world currency. Will I still be able to send them between characters? Or will they just show up in the currency tab as soon you have them in your inventory (bags/bank)?

    • Dreamwalk3r

       There will be vouchers, like for ISS and other sourcestones.

      • Ewoud Hemstede

         Yea thanks found that out. Kinda lame that it requires 25 planarite just to send between alts.