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Gamespot Exclusive: Storm Legion Revealed, Release Date: Fall 2012

By on May 31, 2012 at 2:55 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 7 comments

Gamespot revealed today more details with an interview with Scott Hartsman about the upcoming expansion STORM LEGION. Click the link for the video, but here are some of the details we can gleam from the interview.

First the biggest bit of news: Expect to lose more sleep in fall of 2012.

Of these two continents, Dusken is the more fearsome. It’s a dark place, where death figures prominently in the world and the story; the themes are closer to horror than anything Rift has explored in the past. This is as it should be: it’s here that you follow the story of Regulos, the dragon god that hails from the plane of death. The other continent, Brevane, isn’t so obviously terrifying, though it’s no less vital. It’s on this continent, in The Eternal City, that Telaran civilization developed, though the warring factions that reside there aren’t necessarily always civilized.

Two continents, three times the size of Telara, called Dusken and Brevane that should be stunning in design. In my conversations with Hal Hanlin, the world development team has been honing their skills and the things they can do with their tools outclasses everything they’ve done before. The perfect example is the difference between Telara and Ember Isles. Ember Isles is gorgeous; so you can only imagine what the guys at Trion can do with two continents three times bigger than what’s out there now.

Keep reading for more insight from the Gamespot interview.

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Trion is also focusing on getting away from Questhub like leveling and focusing more on World and Zone events along with Instant Adventures. This is something they’ve been slowly working towards since IA’s were first introduced. By the time the expansion launches, there will be IAs from level 1 to 50 giving old and new players alternatives to the quest driven structure that the game launched with last year.

Regarding the new capitol city:

Storm Legion also brings with it a new city to call home: Tempest Bay, a bastion for both Guardians and The Defiant.

Trion is moving away from faction based towns and is implementing a single city. This isn’t much of a jump as we’ve seen more cooperation between factions played out in the World Events and event Stillmoor has a somewhat cooperative base camp as well.

More importantly we have some new mechanics being brought to RIFT.

More importantly, a new creature–the colossus–will attempt to ravage the land. Facing such a beast will be an exciting prospect: it’s a hundred times more massive than an individual player. It climbs bridges, knocks down walls, and interacts with the world in ways Hartsman says no MMOG has yet accomplished.

We finally see some world altering mechanics, as we hear that bad guys will be able to knock down walls and world we’re living in will be, at the very least, temporarily altered. Recalling meetings with Simon Ffinch and Scott Hartsman prior to the game’s release, they often spoke of this type of technology was available to them when the game was labeled “Heroes of Telara”. This is something, I think, we all expected Rift to have when we were going through the game’s pre-launch hype. We can’t wait to see this in action.

  • Kait

    oh snap

  • Velmax

    all my friends are resubing HAHA

  • Jinseingc224

    And this is why I have stayed an active subscriber since it’s first month! I knew Rift had potential, and this just tripled it!

  • Samuel Serafim

    New Maps, 10 lvl moreeeeee, Mentoring system. Amaaaaazzinnggg

  • Deckard_Cain

    Will it have new races??
    Great idea, I’ll be back to the game for the expansion. :)

  • WewT

    Most excellent. This will be just the thing I need to give SWTOR and that awful Tera the flick. I love Rift and am totally looking forward to returning to my 4 beastly lvl 50s :)

  • Travis Bailey

    This is great news! I’ve missed Rift a lot. I know when it first came out and had so much potential, but then just kind of sat stagnant. With such little end game, it got kind of boring very quickly. Looks like I’ll have to log back in & check on my guys again…