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Queen of Argons 2 Patch Preview: Battlegrounds, Nexus Events, and Armor

By on Jun 1, 2012 at 12:00 pm, in Article, TERA  |  Comments: 1 comment

A Korean gaming site by the name of Inven had a chance to sit down yesterday with Bluehole Studios, and ask them some questions about the future of TERA, and upcoming Queen of Argons Part 2 patch.   Over on the TERA Europe forums, a player named Cori provided a translation of this interview.  From this interview we can see that there are many positive changes coming to Tera.  We will now examine the 3rd and last portion of the interview.  Some info on Battlegrounds, new Nexus Events, and some new Armor sets!

Battlegrounds and New Nexus Events

Battlegrounds will be reintroduced and from 10vs10 the numbers have been pushed up to 15vs15 with a cross server party matching mechanic.

New Battleground maps will be introduced and new set of rules are on their way too.

A new and better Nexus system is coming with 2 new raid contents called ‘Nexus Dimension’ (tentative name). This will feature new rewards while doing the 3 stages of the invasion.  A rough translation states that this would include “In addition to simply killing monsters that spawn extra space is added to the raid instance”.  This will entail be entering the Nexuses to fight inside them once the outside is cleared.

Black Edition Armor Sets

New Black Edition armor sets will be added to the game.  Some of the high end armor sets recolored to black and dark themes.  No info as to how they will be obtained but one could speculate they may be rewards from the new Nexus Events, or PVP.

Also some other new armor models and recolored sets are scheduled to be added in the patch.

Battlegrounds will be a much welcomed addition to the game, and players are sure to enjoy them.  Hopefully they will have some rewards for players to work towards.  Along with the expansion of the nexus events, making them more fun.  It is good to see Bluehole putting out more content for TERA.  What are your opinions on this new content?  Feel free to comment below.

  • Dragonought

    Battlegrounds I’m sure as we all know have been something the community has been wanting for quite awhile so I’m glad they are going to introduce them soon. I really like the sound of the nexus changes, I believe it will add a more exciting element to what to some seem as a stale event.