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Queen of Argons 2 Patch Preview: New Dungeons

By on Jun 2, 2012 at 10:00 am, in Article, TERA  |  Comments: 1 comment

A Korean gaming site by the name of Inven had a chance to sit down yesterday with Bluehole Studios, and ask them some questions about the future of TERA, and upcoming Queen of Argons Part 2 patch.   Over on the TERA Europe forums, a player named Cori provided a translation of this interview.  From this interview we can see that there are many positive changes coming to Tera, including two new level 60 dungeons and hardmodes coming, to keep players busy.

Dungeon: Shiruka Passage

After the destruction of Thulsa’s laboratory Malachy continues to conduct his researches and studies about the Core in this passage that has been well separated from outsiders. The crystal lens has to stay intact, defend it!

This instance works pretty much like the Temple of Temerity, defend the lens and do additional tasks to get rewards.


Dungeon: Argon Meldithia

According to the reports of the Federation, in the western part of Granarkus a new harvesting facility has been built by the Argon, you are to stop them at all costs.

The instance will feature new boss monsters as well as new attack patterns.

Both normal and hard modes are expected.


Boss Fight: Shandra Manaya

The Argon Queen herself can be found deep in her Argon Fortress, isolated from the world she controls the ongoing war viciously. How much will she sacrifice for the sake of the ‘Creator‘?

As the real final boss of Queen of Argons Part 2, she will have a high difficulty level. As with Kelsaik back when it was introduced, this fight is going to showcase new mechanics in several phases.

Two new dungeons at level 60 will almost double TERA’s current level 60 dungeon roster, and will be a welcomed addition.  EME has also stated that new advanced glyphs are set to drop from these dungeons.  The patch is due to hit this summer sometime.

  • Dragonought

    These dungeons seem pretty cool, glad they are listening to players and adding content we are asking for. Shiruka’s Passage looks especially interesting in terms of the layout.