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Ideas for Player Slivers

By on Jun 5, 2012 at 4:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

It’s time for more Storm Legion speculation and idea brainstorming! This time we’re speculating about the announced addition of player/guild housing, which is going to take place in player-made dimensions, or slivers of areas around Telara. We don’t know too many details yet, but what we do know came from the Gamespot exclusive posted last week:

“Other additions relate more to Rift’s social aspects than to its battles. Capes are coming, for instance, along with player areas called dimensions that function somewhat like player housing in other MMOGs. Let’s say you rested at a Telaran inn that overlooked a shimmering waterfall. How great would it be to claim that inn for you and your guildmates? What if there was a parallel universe, where you could decorate it and furnish your inn just as you wanted? That is precisely what dimensions will offer: a way to own your very own corner of a very big game.”

Players have hoped for some form of player/guild housing for a while now, but this dimension/sliver idea came as a pleasant surprise to many fans. It’s a creative idea, uniquely suited to RIFT, and sounds like it will allow players a large dose of freedom. Now all we need is, you know, more details. In the meantime, players have started a few community discussions on what ideas they’d like to see implemented into the system. Here is one such discussion. Let’s take a look at some of those ideas!

When thinking about what ideas players would like to see brought into RIFT’s housing system, the first example that pops into many heads is Lord of the Rings Online’s player and guild housing system:

“One of my favourite housing systems was lotro, I kinda hope it’s like that. Loved the community feel in your neighbourhood on that.”

LotRO has entire neighborhoods, one for each race, dedicated to player and guild housing. The neighborhoods are scenic, with plenty of perfect areas to relax with friends, host social gatherings, and enjoy some RP. The neighborhoods are instanced and mirrored, but players wanting to join a particular instance can easily do so. There are multiple ways to customize player housing, and part of the fun of owning your own house, is, of course, making it your place.

This is exactly the type of customization RIFT players are hoping for with dimensions. Tradeskills will hopefully play a large role in this customization, because we already have many of the tools for furniture making, etc. at our disposal. Here are some ideas on tradeskills:

“Some more secondary professions that can add to the housing:
a.) Carpentry, to make bed frames, furniture, additions, or the houses themselves
b.) Masonry or stonework, to make paths, landscaping setups, or castles/forts for private use or guilds
c.) Gourmet cooking or baking, so you can cook in your very own oven, to make your own cakes (large ones at that) to share at events or in raids for temporary food buffs, or to give bonus’s while resting. … Iron chef cook-off as one example.

d.) Gardening, to plant flowers, shrubs, play with dirt, etc.
e.) Farming, to grow our own food (this depends on how much “yard” space we get of course)”

Some great ideas here. Tradeskill additions that allow players to customize their housing would give crafting a much-needed boost, and also let players create their own little worlds within RIFT.

It’s also a hope among players that we’re not dependent on a limited list of locations that are can be transferred into a sliver and used to create our housing areas, but realistically speaking– that may exactly be the case. As cool as it would be to literally be able to transfer any area over to a housing area, that possibility seems a little unlikely (but hey, you’re welcome to surprise us some more, Trion!). Regardless, player housing will definitely be a welcome addition to RIFT, and if done well, players will enjoy dimensions for years to come.

One question players wonder about is whether the housing will be constricted to guilds, or if individual players can have their own dimensions as well. It’s difficult to say at this point. The Gamespot article alludes to “guildmates”, but that could be in reference to guild housing or personal housing that allows guildmates entry. We’ll have to see! With any luck, both will be available.

  • Jinseingc224

    Hey, that’s my forum post featured in your article. I feel special :)

    • Jinseingc224

        Some game developers say player housing is a waste of time, but others are wiser than that. If implemented correctly, it can be one of the best additions to a game, and give it a sense of depth and customizability unlike any other. If the housing system becomes extensive enough in Rift, I could easily spend countless hours (over time, of course) decking out my very own house.
        I just lost a sort of off and on game recently. I’ve been playing, but mostly just following, EVE online since it’s beta, the beta of which I was in but I didn’t really get into at the time. The game featured, from the beginning, really in depth gameplay beyond what any other MMO dares to bare. Unfortunately, it’s all in an open PvP setting of which I don’t approve it. Sure, there’s always a way around it, but a game like that is just not my kind of game. It tends to attract people who want to kill each other more than people who want to have fun with industry and building things.
        If rift lets me build things beyond what most other MMO’s offer, than I’ll be sold for years to come.

      • Laura Hardgrave

         :D I’ve been stalking the forums, posting cool stuff I come across. Loved your post!

        And yep, I agree completely. I adore housing systems in games.

  • Samuel Serafim

    Please see some ideas made by me and give some feedback too.

    My focus was only about overall system. Costs and Rewards. Ty all.

    • Laura Hardgrave

       Ooh, good stuff, thanks for sharing!